There are still two months for "Grey's Anatomy" to return to screens. Season 14 is set for some small changes, with the biggest being the exit of Eliza Minnick. However, fans aren't entirely sure that the character will leave. Is it possible that she will stick around for Arizona Robbins? At the same time, fans want to know what's in store for Alex and Jo, especially after some cryptic clues from Camilla Luddington.

Eliza Minnick leaving Seattle?

In the "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 finale, Chief Miranda Bailey finally gave Eliza Minnick the boot. It was something that many fans had waited for, considering that while a good doctor she didn't have the care or compassion to become a great one.

Eliza made Bailey lose some of the heart that made Bailey the one doctor patients would always want on their case. The introduction of Eliza meant that Bailey and Richard Webber lost some of their connection, as Bailey tried to take on the role of chief alone.

After the narrow escape from death that Stephanie Edwards faced, Bailey put some of the blame on Eliza. She'd forgotten to tell police that Stephanie was missing, meaning that Stephanie was in more danger than necessary. Bailey fired Eliza, with no chance to fight for her job.

The last fans saw, Eliza walked away from Arizona, sharing that she'd just been fired. Could this mean an exit from Seattle? Eliza is a doctor brought in by struggling hospitals that need a change, so it would make sense for her to move on.

Alternatively, Bailey could choose to hire her back but as the orthopedic surgeon instead.

Jo and Alex getting back together?

One of the big questions is about Jolex, as fans have named the ship.

Alex decided to find out who Jo's husband was and spent some of season 13 daydreaming about the things that he would like to do. All his daydreams led to negative consequences, and he ended up returning to Seattle without even saying a word to Jo's ex.

It's clear that this storyline is not yet over. However, will Jo learn about Alex's trip?

It's been a difficult season for the Jolex storyline since Camilla Luddington was pregnant and took time off to have her baby. Storylines had to be adapted slightly.

Luddington has hinted on social media that Alex and Jo will get back together. However, this could be a red-herring to get fans talking. There are also rumors that Jo will give a relationship with Andrew DeLuca a chance, who realized that he has feelings for Jo.