Caitlyn Jenner has been the spotlight of the media ever since she transitioned from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn. She became famous long before her transition as an Olympian athlete. Then she married Kris Jenner and the pair had two daughters together.

A few years ago Caitlyn went into isolation and thus began her transition as privately as she could manage at the time. Jenner has been the bud of many jokes over the years many of which show the transphobic nature of society. Recently when she was on Jimmy Kimmel she addressed the jokes that Kimmel has made about her over the years.

Kimmel takes responsibility for his jokes

Jimmy Kimmel is Caitlyn Jenner's favorite Talk Show Host. However, recently she accused Kimmel of some offensive jokes that Jimmy made on his show. Kimmel has a wide audience and Jenner was not hesitant to tell the host off for his jokes he made at her expense. The nature of the jokes was about Jenner's transition which she has publicly admitted was a very difficult time for both her and her family. Fans of Jenner will know that the star has barely had contact with the majority of her family since her transition.

The pair talked about Kimmel's joke in a light hearted fashion but still one which indicated an apology was needed. Kimmel has been making jokes about Jenner's transition for years, the star said.

Caitlyn simply explained to Kimmel how when she was first transitioning she got hammered in the media. She explained it was not because of gender issues that she and her wife split but other issues at the time.

Kimmel stated that he didn't know if Caitlyn was serious about her transition. He stated that when she first started getting surgeries he thought that Caitlyn was simply vain.

However, he apologized for the offense caused and Jenner appeared to take it in good nature.

The recent online abuse of Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has faced a lot of abuse from different people over the years. However, the most vicious attack on Caitlyn happened only last week when Tokyo Toni attacked the star by released a video.

Toni made many transphobic comments and remarks about Caitlyn. The star has not commented on the attack and it is unknown as to whether or not Caitlyn will be filing against Tokyo for her public attack.

Jenner has stood up for herself in the past. When she was on Jimmy Fallon she was very forward with the talk show host about the remarks he had made about her transition. As an advocate for the transgender community, it is very important for Jenner to be a good role model for the youth.