The hit show "General Hospital" may soon be losing one of its Top stars. As the show is currently on a three-week hiatus from filming new scenes, at least one of the show's popular actors has been unable to reach a resolution over their contract. If the negotiations remain unresolved, it could mean the exit for a major crime boss from Port Charles. Here are the latest "General Hospital" spoilers and rumors about which of the characters might soon be off the show.

Who might leave?

It's being reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry that actor William deVry could be making an exit.

They report that DeVry's contract negotiations have not worked out between him and the "powers that be" from "General Hospital." DeVry has already filmed a good bit of scenes for upcoming episodes and now, as mentioned, filming is on a three-week summer break.

William deVry joined the hit ABC soap in 2013 and portrays the Jerome Family crime boss Julian Jerome. He took over the role after actor Jason Culp held the role from 1988 to 1990. Jerome has been involved in storylines that tie in with everyone from Alexis and Morgan to Sonny Corinthos. That said, it's being rumored that if deVry's contract can't be negotiated then the scenes he's already filmed could end up being his last.

Jerome's 'GH' role

Back in the late 1980s to 1990, the Julian Jerome character played by Jason Culp was battling for control of the Jerome Family business. Jerome gained the trust of Duke Lavery and tried to help him find his kidnapped wife Anna Lavery. Their storyline took plenty of twists and turns, with it ultimately appearing that Duke and Julian both died in a struggle over a gun.

Fast forward to his return in the 2010s and William deVry's character Julian Jerome has been integral to a storyline involving the love of his life, Alexis Davis -- played by actress Nancy Lee Grahn. He also has daughter Sam, and sons Lucas and Leo. With that in mind, one has to wonder what the writers would do to resolve his storylines.

It's always possible that "General Hospital" writers could do what they've done with other actors who leave the show and simply find a different actor to take on the role. That's been the case with Jason Morgan -- who has been portrayed by several different actors since his character has been on the show. Most fans may be fine with that move, but those who are William deVry fans may not be all that happy.

"General Hospital" fans, how would you feel if William deVry ends up leaving Port Charles soon? Would you want to see another actor portray Julian Jerome?