Talk show host Wendy Williams has never shied from shocking folks. One major surprise was eye-popping weight loss. It's pretty obvious that over the past few years, Ms. Williams has slimmed down from her obesity-level weight. But this recent round of pounds-shedding, coupled with plastic surgery, takes it much further and folks are seriously worried that she has an eating disorder. At a Planet Hollywood event July 11, the "Wendy Show" host was so thin that the word "anorexia" was used.

This isn't Wendy's first weight loss rodeo

The popular reality TV star and Home Shopping Network purveyor has battled weight problems for some time and tried, in her words, "all kinds of crazy diets." Then she found a system that worked wonders.

Williams gave an interview to a celebrity magazine a few years ago explaining how she had managed to lose weight. It boiled down to self-affirmations--or maybe self-butt-kicking would be more accurate. Her famous mantra "just push back, fatso" helped the fashion mogul to put the fork down and eat more mindfully.

The Wendy Williams diet

It wasn't just words--there was a lot of action too. Wendy Williams' weight loss plan involves major food swaps. The Home Shopping Network business woman juices and avoids refined sugar and dairy. She follows the controversial "no food after dark" method. This approach may do more harm than good as fasting from evening to morning can cause intense hunger. Bariatric surgery patients of "My 600-lb Life" agree that cravings and hunger will kill a diet.

The reality television show's Dr. Nowzaradan has found that eating in moderation makes gastric bypass surgery more successful.

Wendy Williams has total meltdown

This moderate weight loss that Wendy Williams has shown after her past obesity was healthy. But at the Hunter Foundation summer event, she debuted a dramatically smaller frame.

At first it seemed that the outfit, a baggy jumpsuit with wide belt, made her appear thinner. But that didn't factor in shockingly more slender arms and face that was almost unrecognizable. Folks couldn't help but posit that the reality television star of VH1 was anorexic. Did her past self fat-shaming signal an eating disorder?

Plastic surgery makes weight loss more apparent

Another of Wendy Williams' surprising features is her massive decolletage. The show host freely admitted to undergoing a plastic surgery with a boob job in 2009, on already large breasts. The net result of her breast implant procedure is even more startling with her shrinking waistline. As more weight falls off, the breast augmentation remains, of course, and may create the illusion that Wendy has lost more than she has.