Some major "General Hospital" spoilers and rumors have hit the internet suggesting that a popular character from the past will return to the show. There has already been ongoing speculation that Steve Burton, the actor who previously portrayed Jason Morgan (Quartermaine), would make his return to the show. These rumors were ultimately confirmed by Burton himself and a teaser video from "General Hospital." Now it is looking like another character linked to Robin Scorpio and Sonny will make a return, but probably in a much different way.

Back from the dead?

According to TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich, the character who fans will see make a return to Port Charles is none other than Stone Cates, portrayed by actor Michael Sutton. He was originally part of the GH cast from1993 through 1995, but his character passed away as part of a tragic storyline. However, it appears Stone could make his return in some form to possibly be a part of a storyline involving top mobster Sonny Corinthos.

The Stone Cates storyline in the mid-90s featured a romantic relationship involving Stone and Robin Scorpio. It was learned that Stone was sick, and ultimately passed away from AIDS-related illness, causing plenty of grief for Robin and Sonny over losing their close friend.

Stone made an appearance as a vision to Robin in 2010 when she was trapped in a well, and helped encourage her to stay strong despite the circumstances she was in.

So how will Stone make a return from being dead? Diane Brounstein of Soap Hub speculates that Stone will "probably be a figment of Sonny's imagination" as a ghost since Stone passed away during his storyline back in the mid-90s.

It's likely he'll show up as a ghost speaking to Sonny during a time of crisis, much like he did during Robin's time of crisis when she was trapped in the well. After all, Sonny was a strong mentor for Stone during his time in Port Charles, so it seems likely Stone will return in spirit to help out Sonny.

'GH' continues bringing back stars

The "General Hospital" show has been doing its best to stimulate fan interest over the years by bringing back all sorts of former characters to the soap. Among them have been Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner), Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), and Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). While these stars have had smaller cameo roles, other characters including Scott Baldwin, Lucy Coe, Laura Spencer, and Anna Scorpio have all made more permanent returns to the show.

"General Hospital" fans, what do you think of Stone making a return to the show? Do you think "GH" overdoes the use of ghosts in their storylines, or it's nice to see some of the blasts from the past make a return on the show?