Some brand new "General Hospital" spoilers and theories are beginning to take shape with regard to Charlotte and her potential mother, Lulu. There have been some recent questions raised as to whether or not the two are truly related by blood. A brand new theory is suggesting that possibly Charlotte isn't Lulu's daughter, and there is another daughter out there. Who could it be based on the latest "GH" spoilers going around online? Read on for the latest speculation about who is related and who isn't!

Charlotte's real mother?

Last week saw Lulu tell Charlotte the truth, that her "real mother" is out there still.

The two bonded over a recent bit of drama during Nathan and Maxie's wedding. However, it's being speculated that that isn't really the truth of the matter. Not only that, it was revealed by previous "GH" spoilers that Charlotte will reject Lulu as her real mother since she's already got a mother -- Claudette. In addition, Charlotte's been spending time with Valentin and Nina.

One of the biggest mysteries is still who Charlotte's mom really is. That seems to be a potential big reveal coming in the future on the hit soap opera.

One of the clues pointing to the fact that Charlotte isn't Lulu's daughter is the birth certificate which had 1992 as her birth year.

It's being proposed that since the Cassadines have been known to freeze things, such as embryos or people, that it's possible that the birth certificate isn't real.

In addition, remember how Daphne showed up in Port Charles? While it seemed she was telling the truth when she met with Dante and Lulu, it's also possible she was paid off to lie.

That would keep Dante and Lulu from checking into things further, including the envelope that the evil Helena passed on to Lulu.

Lulu's real daughter?

A possible spoiler theory from Celebrity Dirty Laundry is that Lulu Spencer's real daughter is Athena Cassadine. She is currently living on Cassadine Island, hidden away from Lulu.

Athena is the daughter of Lulu and Stavros Cassadine. Basically, she was kept as a secret away from Lulu, and, as mentioned, Daphne may have been paid to give Lulu and Dante an alternate story.

It's being speculated that since Helena blames Lulu for Stavros' death after Dante killed him, as a punishment, she chose to keep Lulu's real daughter away from her. That means that Athena was possibly Lulu's embryo. Now viewers will continue to ponder over whether or not Lulu and Dante decide to check into this ongoing mystery involving Athena and Cassadine island!

"General Hospital" fans, do you think Lulu will find out that Athena is her real daughter soon, or will it be several more weeks before the truth reveals itself? Who will end up being Charlotte's real mother if it's not Lulu?