Maxie Jones West is returning to "General Hospital" on Tuesday, July 25, and fans are really excited to have her back. However, her new husband, Nathan West, will be ecstatic to have his wife back in Port Charles. One person who won't be too thrilled about it is Amy Driscoll. She has had Nathan all to herself these past few weeks. Those two have a secret between them. Will Maxie be told what is going on when she returns?

Secrets between friends

Nathan has been keeping Amy's secret for while now. He is the face of Man Landers and has been helping Amy get her book published.

She is the real Man Landers, but is using Nathan's rugged good looks to entice readers, and it has worked. She is getting a book deal, but now Nathan is in quite deep with the whole thing.

Maxie's return will certainly complicate things for both Amy and Nathan. Amy will not want him to tell his wife their secret. Will Nathan comply? "General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Nathan will not be telling Maxie what has transpired between him and Amy. He will not let the cat out of the bag that they are in cahoots together with the Man Landers deal.

Maxie and Nathan are newly married. Even though Nathan will be happy to have her back, he may just be a little upset that she has been gone so long, given the fact that it was right after they were married.

Marital trouble already?

Can Maxie and Nathan's marriage already be in trouble? Naxie fans are hopeful that this couple will stay together, at least for a few years as soap marriages go.

However, secrets have a habit of breaking up a marriage, so if Nathan does keep his Man Landers secret from her, she will most likely find out eventually.

That also means that Amy won't be able to come around as freely as she did when Maxie was out of the picture. She won't be too happy about that. The nurse has feelings for Maxie's husband, despite the fact that Nathan is only helping her because of her brother.

Amy vs. Maxie

These two girls were also high school classmates, Unfortunately, they were not BFFs at all. Amy told Nathan that Maxie had bullied her in school, so she doesn't want to be around Maxie. Will Maxie even recognize the girl she taunted years ago? These two may just get into a royal cat fight eventually. What has Nathan got himself into? Maxie may just think that her husband is having an affair since she has been out of town.

Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to see how Amy and Maxie act around each other this coming week.