The "General Hospital rumor mill is buzzing with activity. All of it is related to the Cassadine family. Spoilers alerted fans a few weeks ago that the role of Spencer's father was going to be recast. Now it is being reported that 4 actors who are Nicholas look-alikes have auditioned for an unnamed role.

What 'GH' fans know thus far

Thus far "GH" fans know that Tyler Christopher will not be reprising his role as the Cassadine prince. Spoiler alerts have stated that a new Nicholas is slated to soon be in "General Hospital." Young Spencer has returned to Port Charles, and there is a lot of small talk from the residents about his father.

Ava Jerome and Spencer had a moment of reflection regarding the supposed dead prince. Both Spencer and his grandma Laura have been mouthing off lately due to Nicholas being murdered.

Valentin gets a strange look on his face each time he is accused of killing his nephew. Several times this past week he seemed as if he were about to give a reply but stayed mum. Spencer checked himself out of a Paris boarding school and made it all the way back to Port Charles. Now the young boy has been kidnapped. A witness gave her statement that Valentin took the boy and everyone in town except Nina believes he did. Viewers and spoilers, however, wonder if Nicholas may have kidnapped his own son.

The recast on 'General Hospital'

Spoilers say that Heath Haden, Steve Ducey, Jonny Preston, and Jake Mast all auditioned for a role on "General Hospital." All four men are reported to be Nicholas Cassadine look-alikes but each is much younger than Tyler Christopher. Fans are certain that one of these men will be the recast for the new Nicholas.

Whatever is going on, the powers that be are keeping the details under wraps. Spoiler alerts did indicate that Spencer's kidnapping story would have a shocking end.

If Nicholas is behind his son's abduction would he really leave him alone in a basement? And who sent Sonny the photo on his cell phone of Spencer in captivity? Valentin continues to argue his innocence and Nina sprung her recently divorced spouse from jail because she believes him.

Laura accosted the bastard Cassadine on the pier because she is certain Valentin is guilty. Now he is in the hands of Jason for questioning because Mr. Morgan is seeking the truth. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" and be on the lookout for Spoiler alerts and updates until this mystery is finally resolved.