In unusual Dave Filoni fashion, he opened up to mother-daughter duo Johnamarie Macias and Maria of Rebels Chat podcast on a variety of Star Wars topics which included a certain character's first name, what happened to Force Sensitive children during this time and more. Ever since at least the end of season three, the former has been a question on many fans' minds. As stated in the podcast, "...we know it's not 'hot' and it's not agent."

For background, after getting her start as owner and content creator for the website, Johnamarine posted the first podcast with her mother on October 1, 2013.

Ever since then, they have covered a variety of Star Wars topics such as the four shorts that came before the premiere of the now wildly successful Disney XD show "Star Wars Rebels", reviewing the episodes themselves, predictions for upcoming seasons and even interviews with Lucasfilm staff.

The interview

After introducing themselves and Dave Filoni, the women quick dove into their first question that is on many fans' minds, "What is Agent Kallus's name, as we know it's not "hot" [refering to how many fans thought of him and his look after he went against the season's villain in the finale] and it's not agent".

In a candor move, he not only gives a likely answer but also explains why it could be.

He says that he believes the former agent's first name to be Alexandr after the man (Alexandr Spotswood), who portrays him on the temp track. For reference, this is a track that is recorded by the crew to see how the dialogue will flow and if it makes sense in the scene. If the crew were to call the cast in for these sessions and the dialogue to change later over the course of the episode's development, then the work would simply get crazier (and more expensive), then it needed to be.

To Dave, if former Agent Kallus's first name does turn out to be Alexandr, then it would be in tribute to this man. Something to keep in mind though is that just because Dave said this was Kallus's first name, doesn't mean that it is. This is only what Dave wants it to be, and the future will tell if he was trolling us. In the meantime, Alexandr Kallus does have a nice ring to it.

Further, in the interview, Maria recalled an episode from the second season in which Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka attempted to save Force Sensitive children from being hunted by inquisitors. In short, these were dark side users who weren't exactly Sith but worked in a similar compacity. They hunted down these children in order to turn them to the dark side and work to further the Empire's goals. The question Maria asked was, "In the "Future of the Force", Kanan and Ahsoka were talking about the force sensitive children and how there's no Jedi Order to protect them and Kanan is the one to say, "I guess that task falls to us now." We haven't touched on that topic since then. Is that something that's going on in the background?

Is there a safe haven for force sensitive children?"

In Dave's mind, this is a question that he has been wondering all his life. Just because the Jedi Order disappeared doesn't mean that children stopped being born with force abilities and sensitivity. If Ezra hadn't been discovered by the Ghost crew (Sabine, Zeb, Chopper, Hera, and Kanan), then he likely would have been picked up and turned by the inquisitors. Whether or not he would have been strong enough to make a dent in the overall story is debatable, but still something interesting to think about.

Due to the tyrannical rule of the Empire, Dave believes that many of these children (and their families by default) are on the run. Least they be found and turned.

The one thing they can do is limit their use of the force. Like with any skill, he believes that the ability to use it weakens over time with a lack of use. As a result, this would make it more difficult, but sadly not impossible, to locate said force users.

Closing thoughts

With the show coming to its inevitable end sometime next year, it was nice to hear the co-hosts of Rebels Chat-Johnamarine Macias and her mother Maria-interview "Rebels" Executive Producer Dave Filoni. In a move that is quite unusual for him, he gave straight forward answers to most of the questions he was asked. Sure there were a few that he couldn't answer, due to reasons of potential spoilers down the line, but this is to be expected of anyone affiliated with Lucasfilm and show business overall.

If plot points were given away up front, then it would take away from their reveal later on in the episode/movie.

Of course, these two ladies asked more of Dave than is talked about here. For the rest of that interview, head on over to and look for episode 84. It is a treat not to be missed.