"Game of Thrones" Season 7 has already dropped two different trailers featuring our favorite characters in their elements and the event we have always wanted to see – Winter has come! Those two teasers showcase almost everything we need to know. But the Greek audience has been blessed to witness a slightly different "GOT" trailer featuring Jon Snow’s voice with new screen footage.

Greek TV broadcast gets new TV spots

The 47-minute "Game of Thrones" trailer for the Greek audience features most of the scenes shown in the worldwide teaser. However, it offers several alternative shots and new footage we haven’t seen from the first and second trailers from HBO.

Plus, Jon’s speech is the only narration used as a voice over throughout the clip.

Watchers On The Wall has enumerated these new scenes from the "GOT" Season 7 in their blog post. The Greeks are able to see three new scenes and two new spots in the said clip.

First, a side view of Sansa Stark’s reaction while buried in deep thought under a snowfall. Secondly, Daenerys Targaryen and her court and kinsmen are shown entering the Dragonstone castle in a different angle. Meanwhile, the last remaining Lannisters – Cersei, Jamie, and Tyrion – have simultaneous shots when the word ‘suspicion’ is mentioned. Hinting a Lannister theory that may unfold this season.

Interestingly, a new angle of the Lannisters’ troop in the battle shows them in a seemingly protective formation.

This offers a very different perspective for Queen Cersei’s standpoint in the upcoming season. On the other hand, a new frozen lands screenshot pop up right after Jon’s scene. There are mountain, hilly landscape and body of water all covered in snow.

How are these new angles relevant to GOT S7 storyline?

If you are a real "Game of Thrones" fan you know the series won’t debut without a single theory getting sensationalized.

For instance, the Lannister knights’ angle believed to be cropped in the scene where the Dothraki herd and the rest of Dany’s fleet are charging to crash them. Emergency Awesome noted that it might be concluded in "Episode 3: Queen’s Justice."

Moreover, the frozen lands scene shows a very tricky footage. If you will only take some time and zoom it in further, you will notice a band of knights marching in the snowy terrain. They are most probably members of Jon’s crew since the scene has come out after he charges up his sword to counter an attack. It’s most possibly happening in the latter part of Season 7 when they rally against the White Walkers in the North.

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 airs Sunday, July 16 on HBO at 9 PM in the US with simultaneous broadcast worldwide.