With only 30 days left before the 7th installment of “Game of Thrones” premieres, sources are coming out to confirm popular theories which are reportedly going to unfold in the upcoming Season 7. First, Daenerys Targaryen is set to rule over the entire realm of Westeros igniting a potential feud with her presumptive nemesis, Jon Snow. On the other hand, the Snow bastard’s name has been revealed dishing out his real identity and his future role in the Seven Kingdom.

Emilia Clarke serves us the Jon Snow spoiler we’ve all been waiting for

Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays the character of Daenerys Targaryen, the presumptive Queen of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms spoils a very popular theory straight from the set of “Game of Thrones” season 7.

Known for being quirky, the actress ruled out that no Jon-Daenerys coalition will happen next season.

She stressed out that her character would not settle with the idea of sharing her sought-after new seat with anyone, whatever relationship it will offer or whoever it might possibly be. According to Style Magazine, the 30-year-old actress thinks that her heroine has ultimately put aside her own need for a man.

The actress added that Daenerys has been so engaged and wrapped up to the idea of leading by assuming the regency and rule to fulfill her birthright. And the idea of someone coming in and sharing that throne is probably something the Targaryen Queen is not comfortable with.

Jon Snow is…

Speaking of theories, another major “Game of Thrones” erupted in Reddit when a season 7 spoiler from the /r/ASOIAF subreddit revealed Jon Snow’s real name. User @TheRealVanDamme posted a photo taken from Empire's July 2017 issue on Imgur explaining that Bran Stark knows Jon’s real name, Cosmopolitan reported.

To cut the story short, his real name is… Jaehaerys Targaryen.

Going back to the previous season’s Tower of Joy episode which Bran was able to see a flashback which taught us Jon’s true lineage. During the season 6 finale, the identity of his parents has been revealed and they were Lyanna Sark and Rhaegaar Targaryen.

It has been known that Targaryen will be his surname according to his parentage.

But when Lady Lyanna whispered his name to young Ned, only “His name is…” was audible leaving the name blank, Cosmopolitan added.

But why Jon would be named Jaeherys? Another GoT theorist @sparkledavisjr explained that Jaehaerys I was the 4th Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne that has been revered and throughout his rule. He also expanded the Night's Watch and granted the place called the New Gift.

Meanwhile, Jaehaerys II was Jon's great-grandfather. Unlike the first owner of their namesake, his rule was short but he was able to restore the stability of the realm amid warring Houses. Moreover, Rhaegaar may have wanted to gift his son a pleasant name and that is his great-grandfather’s name.

Interestingly, Jaehaerys II was the King who originally received the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy from the wood witch together with Jenny of Oldstones.