"Big Brother 19" has been action-packed since Paul Abrahamian won the head of household competition on Thursday night. He had big plans of backdooring Cody Nickson after the Power Of Veto challenge, to ensure that he couldn't save himself and stay another week. He decided to nominate Alex Ow and Josh Martinez for eviction, two pawns, so he could take one off the block to send Cody out of the "BB19" house on Thursday night's live show.

Ramses Soto put himself on the block as a third nominee as part of the Pendent of Protection curse from last week.

Paul convinced Ramses to throw the POV competition so whoever won could save one of the nominees and put Cody on the block.

POV Competition

The "Big Brother 19" houseguests were all nervous about the POV competition. Cody and Jessica Graf hoped that Ramses would win and use the POV on himself. If that had happened, since Ramses was on the block as part of a curse, Paul wouldn't have named a replacement. So, for his plan to work, Ramses had to throw it.

According to Big Brother Network, Paul won the power of veto competition, giving him complete power for the week. Just before the challenge, Paul asked for everyone to throw the competition to him so he can remove one of the nominees and put Cody on the block.

Cody's In Trouble

"Big Brother 19" spoilers reveal that Cody and Jessica knew that unless Ramses won the POV, Cody's chances escaping the block was not good. Right after winning the POV, Paul stated that Cody should just pack a bag because he is going home this week.

Of course, that didn't sit well with Jessica.

According to Online Big Brother, Jessica told Paul that she doesn't understand why more people aren't targeting him right now. He won three weeks of safety, and he's a vet. She believes that unless someone takes him out in week 4, he will go to the end again.

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate that Paul doesn't think he can win the game.

There is a target on his back, and as soon as his safety is over, he will be a target every week until he is voted out. He just wanted to make it to jury so he could relax for the rest of the summer. Abrahamian claimed that he has had a "rough year" and needed time to "get away."

The backdoor plan

"Big Brother 19" spoilers state that Paul plans to remove Josh from the block and put Cody up in his place. Originally, he wanted to save Alex, but he worried that Cody might be able to flip the house and send Josh home. If he puts him against Alex on the block, he has no chance of getting the votes to stay.

"Big Brother 19" airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.