Socialite and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is best known for starring in E!’s reality TV series, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" as well as her infamous social media presence. She’s been one of the top ten most followed personalities on Instagram as of 2017, earning more than 95 million followers. As a reality star, everyone’s been seeing her on TV since she was nine years old and her beauty transformation has impressed her fans. She only admitted having temporary lip injections to boost this part of her face. However, many people are not convinced and believe that she went through several surgeries including a boob job.

Did the youngest of the Jenners go through surgeries?

Over on Instagram, user @wecannotkuwtk_ posted side-by-side photos of Kylie Jenner to compare the difference of her body throughout the years. The first half of photo shows the lip mogul sporting red and white bikini stripe that clearly exposes her boobs that look normal. The photo was taken during Halloween 2016. In the second half of the photo shows her most recent black bikini photo with her boobs way bigger than their usual sizes. This one was taken in January 2017 during a bikini photo shoot.

In December 2016, Kylie Jenner posted a full frontal photo of her on Instagram, which surprised many fans how her chest has become larger than normal.

This is just one of the photos that lead fans to believe that she has gone under the knife. In Touch Weekly also posted eight side-by-side photos of the famous entrepreneur, comparing her body transformations. This includes her chin, her famous curves, her chest, butt, and eyes. These photos suggest that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star may have gone through multiple surgeries to enhance her body structure.

The famous socialite denies that she went through surgeries

Kylie Jenner has denied these claims that she did go through different plastic surgeries although she previously said that she is open to it. According to In Touch Weekly, a plastic surgeon recently hinted about the lip mogul’s body transformation. “Kylie has become very wise in what she wants to have done and she has been going through an amazing metamorphosis over the past couple of years,” he explained.

This only strengthens the speculations among fans that the reality star has gone through surgeries.

In a previous interview with Cosmo, Kylie Jenner already said that she is not against surgery but she doesn’t want it at this time. However, her body transformation over the years speaks otherwise. What do you think?