"Game of Thrones" spinoff will reportedly take a break and won't be released on TV until 2019. Casey Bloys, the HBO Programming President, has revealed to the group of press on Wednesday that he doesn't foresee any spinoffs for the said series immediately after the eighth season ends. Further, he also shared that it has been the main priority of the network to make this Season Finale a big one for the viewers.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bloys doesn't want to distract the focus of the viewers from season 8. Hence, he added that the upcoming spinoffs are slated to air at least a year after the original series will also end.

He believed that "Game of Thrones" season 8 will have an epic ending and he doesn't want such attention from the audience to be drawn away immediately.

Spinoffs in works

As he continued to share the news on Wednesday, Bloys has given the press a sign of relief when he revealed that "Game of Thrones" spinoff is currently in works. He also revealed that none of these spinoffs will center on a particular character from the original series. The network has always made sure to set forth the level of quality that they have started since the series has started airing.

Meanwhile, the HBO President also believed that the showrunners, D.B. Weiss and David Beinoff, have already started working on the right vision for the upcoming spinoffs.

He also hinted that there will a great chance for the spinoff to air on 2019 and until such time that the original series will totally bid farewell from the network.

A big season

Amid the announcement that the spinoffs will have to happen on 2019, Bloys still revealed that the scripts for the series are already in works. He further added that it will be a big season and everyone from the production is putting their best on the show.

On his interviews, the president was also asked about the length of the series and he revealed that it could be made longer this time.

Nevertheless, he also emphasized that he cannot give yet the exact answers to these questions.

However, the spinoff is already a work in progress. As of the meantime, Bloys added that the entire network hasn't made the final discussions yet as to how many episodes they will order for the upcoming show.

Nonetheless, he believed that it won't exceed for more than two hours since it would seem to be a lot excessive for a certain show. Meanwhile, Bloys and the entire network have been a lot thankful for the positive response of the viewers to this highly-anticipated series, "Game of Thrones."