Angelina Jolie has finally broken her silence about her life following her split from then husband, Brad Pitt. In one of her interviews with Vanity Fair, Jolie has also shared about her health battle against Bell's palsy. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the actress further revealed that her family right now is in the process of healing from what has happened with their relationship.

Further, the 42-year old actress has revealed that things got bad into their marriage which made them decided to go on separate ways. Meanwhile, she also added that what they had given their children was a happy and complete kind of family.

However, some things about their relationship just became difficult and which led them to file for a divorce finally.

Wonderful family

As Jolie continued to share her life after the split, she was also proud when she shared that back then, they were a happy and a wonderful family. She was also glad that her six children were all brave and had understood their situation. Jolie also confessed that she was no longer surprised on the recent interview that Pitt went together with the GQ Style. She added that both of them had cared a lot for each other and their family.

In the meantime, it was reported that Jolie and Pitt are working towards their goals of co-parenting their children.

Both may have faced a rough situation after their split, but the former couple has made sure that things will become smooth for their children. Further, the actress also shared that right now that she is coping with the situation through the love of her children.

Bell's palsy diagnosis

Jolie has also shared another side of her life, and she revealed that she had been diagnosed with a "Bell's Palsy" back then.

She recalled how she went through with her treatment. The Oscar-winning actress also told Vanity Fair that she went through an acupuncture and it has helped her recovered from her condition. Being a mother, she revealed that she doesn't want her children to worry about her. She would prefer to cry inside their bathroom rather than let her kids see that she is hurting.

As per Entertainment Tonight, Jolie wanted her children to feel that everything is okay with their life. Further, she also emphasized that she will always put her family first in every circumstance. Without a doubt, becoming a mother has made the famous actress selfless. Right now, she also revealed that she is taking good care of her health for her children and that is something that made her feel complete.