"Game of Thrones" season 7 episode 2 delivered the Nymeria scene everybody was hoping for, but lots of fans are wondering when they will see a new scene with Ghost, Jon Snow's albino direwolf. Well, "Stormborn" writer Bryan Cogman announced on Twitter that there was going to be another scene with a direwolf in the last episode of the show. We just didn't see it.

'GOT' removed a Ghost scene from 'Stormborn'

Below you can read Bryan Cogman's recent tweet.

We can speculate that the scene should have occurred shortly after Jon's decision to leave Winterfell.

Cogman doesn't say why the scene was removed. Maybe the CGI wasn't completed for it, or maybe it just didn't work. One thing we can say for sure: the fans aren't pleased by this decision. Not at all.

Where is Ghost?

Since the scene has been cut off, we cannot say for sure if Ghost is going to stay in Winterfell. Nonetheless, since Jon's visit to Daenerys Targaryen is considered to be dangerous, we think is very likely that Ghost will remain at the Stark's castle. We just don't see the point of taking the direwolf to Dragonstone.

The last time we saw Ghost on screen was in the third episode of season 6, "Oathbreaker", and that was a long time ago.

Two Ghost scenes were removed from season 6

Originally, Ghost was intended to be involved in the Battle of the Bastards, but director Miguel Sapochnik revealed that the wolf's moments were removed for budget reasons.

Jon's direwolf was also supposed to appear in a scene with Edd and Alliser Thorne in "GOT" season 6 episode 1. You can watch a rough cut of the Edd and Ghost deleted scene below:

What can I say about Ghost's absence? Just like everyone else, I would have loved to see Ghost again, especially when Jon Snow chose to leave Winterfell on a potentially deadly expedition to Dragonstone.

All the direwolves except Ghost and Nymeria are dead, so we totally think more screen time should be given to the survivors.

About 'Game of Thrones' season 7 episode 3

The next episode of the show, titled "The Queen's Justice", will air on July 30, on HBO. Here's the official description released by HBO a few days ago: "Daenerys Targaryen holds court.

Cersei Lannister returns a gift. Jaime learns from his mistakes." Speaking of Jon, we're probably not going to see Ghost in "The Queen's Justice", but at least we will see the long-awaited meeting between The King of the North and the Dragon Queen. What a time to be alive if you're a "Game of Thrones" fan!