Casey Bloys, the HBO Programming President, has revealed important updates about "Big Little Lies" Season 2 to a small group of reporters on Wednesday. According to the report from Entertainment Tonight, there was still no official confirmation whether the series will be picked up for another season; however, Bloys revealed that the discussion is still going on and they are yet to give the final announcement whether the series will continue.

Series to get new director

In his recent interview, Bloys was also asked about Jean-Marc Vallee being the director of the series.

He added that Vallee was done with the series and right now, he has been working on another show for HBO. It was also revealed that Vallee is working on an eight-episode project and that is something that viewers should watch out for.

Meanwhile, the HBO President has also tackled a little about Reese and Nicole. He believed that both have the skills of persuading the audience with their roles. When asked about having a new director for the series, Bloys answered that they will first look into the material and eventually, they will try to see if it would be something that will make their time worthy.

Moreover, Bloys further shared that the network will also try to work on a more suitable story even without the input from Moriarty.

He also believed that the cast members and the executive producers of the series are working together in order to deliver the best series for the viewers.

Reprising roles

As Bloys continued his statement, he also revealed that Nicole Kidman has longed hope to reprise her Emmy-nominated role. However, as per a report from Entertainment Tonight, it was revealed the actress wasn't yet sure whether she'll have to return for the series' upcoming season.

Nevertheless, the actress also shared that they have been working on it together with Reese.

Apart from being an actress, Kidman, together with Witherspoon, had been doing their best in order to deliver the best storylines for the series.

She also added that she has been amazed on the kind of passion and work that Moriarty and David E. Kelly have put forth into the show.

As she ended her statement, the actress has emphasized that they are more than willing to work for the show as long as the network will warrant them to do so. She believed that what they had was a great character role and perhaps, such roles would also be great if given to other women too.