The "Game of Thrones" creators, David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss, have landed a new series order for HBO that will be entitled, "Confederate." The news has been officially announced by Casey Bloys, the HBO Programming President. Beinoff and Weiss are believed to be preparing for this new original series that is slated to air on the same network after "Game of Thrones" finale season.

The upcoming show is expected to center on the third American civil war which took place somewhere in the southern states. Further, the upcoming series will also follow the story of a broad band of characters which deal about freedom fighters, politicians, and journalists.

New original drama series

A report from Variety has confirmed that "Confederate" is a new original series order for Beinoff and Weiss but it has nothing to do with the network's "Game of Thrones." Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the production for the upcoming series is slated to start very soon after "Game of Thrones" ends its season.

It has been believed that the showrunners have already started to create the story of the upcoming series. Meanwhile, Nichelle Tramble Spellman of the "Good Wife" and Malcolm Spellman of "Empire" are the upcoming writers of the series. Further, the "Game of Thrones" producers Carolyn Strauss and Bernadette Caulfield are also expected to be the series original upcoming executive producers.

The 'Confederate'

In the official statement issued by the HBO Programming President Casey Bloys, he added that working with Beinoff and Weiss has been a great privilege for the network. Hence, HBO has been thrilled to continue the working relationship which they had started from "Game of Thrones." Bloys also believed that these series creators have the kind of creativity which has captured the viewers' interest.

Beinoff and Weiss were both known for their intelligence and art in telling a story and hence, "Confederate" promises no exception of their work. Further, Bloys also added that HBO has already discussed the making of the said film previously. Perhaps, "Game of Thrones" series has convinced the network to fully give it a try with this upcoming show.

Unlike the previous hit series, "Confederate" will no longer deal with dragons and horses.

Moreover, "Confederate" is slated to feature to its viewers a new world together with the help of Nichelle and Malcolm as writers. Benioff and Weiss further shared that these writers have continued to impress them with their wit and imagination in writing a story.