Costume designer Michele Clapton teased a bit of 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 spoiler in a recent interview about the casts' wardrobe changes. She especially talked about Sansa Stark's fate in the series and hinted at the character's thirst for power.

Sansa Stark's transformation

Clapton said that fans will see a different Sansa when Season 7 opens. She has grown into a strong and mature woman. Her experiences in the past seasons helped turn her into a steely person. "I think that she's embraced everything that's happened to her," Clapton told Uproxx.

Along with the acceptance is her transformation into a different person. She is no longer the same woman who can be easily manipulated. Instead, this time Sansa might be the one doing the manipulation. Clapton hinted this change through the character's wardrobe changes in the upcoming season.

What Sansa's gowns represent Season 7

Sansa's gothic-inspired wardrobe speaks highly of her strength. "I wanted a real strength. It's almost like 'no one will ever get to me again'," Clapton added. Her gowns say that she is now in control of her fate. This time no one can tell or order her what to do with her life. She is in full control over her own destiny, which is far from the Sansa Stark in the previous seasons, who follows orders from Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger.

Likewise, Sansa's wardrobe possibly speaks of her own plans for power in Season 7. This brings tension in her relationship with her brother Jon Snow, according to Kit Harington. He said that a rivalry develops and this sibling squabbling develops into two people struggling for power.

Sansa has control over Petry Baelish in Season 7.

This time she may be the one giving him orders. Rumors have it that she orders her sister Arya to kill Littlefinger.

Sansa's dark transformation

Sansa's change in wardrobe also speaks of the dim path she takes in the installment. Sophie Turner revealed that her character takes a dark turn following Jon Snow's proclamation as the new King of the North.

Turner said that Sansa feels jealous that the title did not go to her. After all, she helped Jon win the "Battle of the Bastards." She also feels that she deserves the respect from her brother, which she is not getting. All these hurt feelings prompt Sansa to choose the dark path.