Creators of "Game of Thrones" Weiss and Benioff have a new series in the works. This new series is titled "Confederate" and focuses on a world where slavery is legal in America, even in modern day. The show will focus on a group of people at the Mason-Dixon demilitarized line and will explore the injustice of slavery for the human species. HBO announced the series this week and Weiss and Benioff have received major backlash for their idea. However, they have already been backed by producers and as such one can assume that the series will begin shortly after "Game of Thrones" wraps.

'Confederate' new show by Weiss and Benioff

HBO made the announcement about the new show titled "Confederate". The concept of the series is that the world is one where slavery is not illegal. Weiss and Benioff have not strayed from controversial issues in the past and they want to offer a new light on what would have happened should the Confederates have won the war. The story will be unfolding as the "Third American Civil War" is underway.

According to the Telegraph, the story will follow a group of characters who live in a demilitarized zone. This zone is known as the Mason-Dixon line. This new universe will give way to the stories of freedom fighter and journalists as they explore the repression enacted on human kind.

Other characters will include politicians, slave hunters, slave owners and abolitionists.

It has been confirmed that Weiss and Benioff's new series has been backed by producers who worked on "The Good Wife" and "Empire". The new additions of Nichelle Tramble Spellman and Malcolm Spellman will bring a new perspective to the production of the series.

Backlash over plans for new series

The public has expressed their opinions over the choice for Weiss and Benioff to be the creators of this show. Many individuals have taken to social media to express their frustrations that this new show about slavery was conceived by two privileged white men. Academic critic Roxanne Gay has posted her concerns to Twitter.

She stated how exhausting it is to have two white men in charge of a show about modern day slavery. The show is also due to explore both sides of the war meaning the repressed and the oppressors. The public is afraid that Weiss and Benioff will be painting the brutal slave hunters and owners is a soft light thus presenting the message that slavery is okay.

Despite the public backlash, the show will be launched into its production once "Game of Thrones" wraps. Many of the public are hoping that HBO will come to their sense before that time arrives.