Despite Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's feud which has been existing for too long now, the "Bon Appetite" singer is ready to end it. In a recent interview with Australia Today show, Perry said that she has loved and will continue to love Taylor Swift in the future. She even wished Swift God's blessing in her journey.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is just being silent about the issue. After all, this isn't the only feud controversy that she is undertaking right now. It can be recalled that Swift has been rumored to have a secret feud over another pop star which has been uncovered in her "Bad Blood" single.

How Perry-Swift feud started

In an interview back in 2004, Taylor Swift said that Katy Perry tried to sabotage her entire tour because Perry hired out some of her backup dancers. Swift also added that she didn't want to confront her because she doesn't like conflict. Thus she has to avoid her in order to avoid any unpleasantness.

This is said to be the inspiration of Tay-Tay in writing the song "Bad Blood." However, fans of both artist don't like to tolerate this idea and hope for both parties to resolve the issue as they were good friends beforehand. And now "Swish Swish" singer is obviously on the verge in asking for forgiveness.

Katy Perry is asking for Swift's forgiveness

During a recent interview with James Corden as part of "Carpool Karaoke," Katy Perry said that Taylor Swift started the conflict and that she must be the one to end it.

Swift and Perry's feud has been existing for too long now but both parties won't make amends.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor said that she wasn't sure if they were really friends or not, Perry even comes to her during award shows then tell her something and just walks away. Swift adds that she even asks herself if they were really friends or if she just gave the harshest insult in her entire life.

Still, in Carpool Karaoke, Perry said that she is ready to forgive Swift and she is remorseful for everything she has done against Swift and hopes the same forgiveness she gave. Katy Perry also believes that there's a lot more to be focused on and that when women unite, it can heal the world.

"Roar" singer is reported to have tried to talk to Swift one-on-one and that she would do the right thing if it feels like a fumble.

As much as Katy Perry tries to apologize, Taylor Swift has not yet responded to any of it.

Whatever happens in this Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud saga, fans are still hopeful that both parties will come together soon. Either way, there is no problem that cannot be solved.