The emmy 2017 nominations are finally in. While the Emmys won't take place until September, the nominations for the separate categories have been released. It's not surprising that some big TV shows have been pitted against each other. In fact, actresses and actors within the same shows have been put against each other in the nominations.

Is your favorite show from the year in the running for Best Drama Series in the 2017 Emmys?

A mixture of drama styles

There have been a number of interesting and beautifully made dramas this year. Some have pulled in the masses for their timely and political style, while others have gained fans for the intrigue and suspense.

Some of the dramas that have made the list for the Emmy 2017 nominations is surprising.

One that most fans expected to see (and may expect to win) is "The Handmaid's Tale." This adaptation of the novel of the same name told the story of June, who is better known as Offred. In a world where most people are sterile, women who have proven the ability to have children are rounded up to become handmaids. They service the commanders of Gilead to make babies. It's a horrifying tale of women losing their rights to vote, work, and even hold their own bank account.

While the show is one of the biggest talked about of the year, it's not the only one up for a Best Drama Series nomination. There are six on the list.

'Game of Thrones' is out of the running

One thing to make clear is that "Game of Thrones" is not on any of the nomination lists this year. Due to the July 2017 start date, the show is out of the running for this year's Emmys. It may be disappointing for some fans, but it certainly opens up the chances.

Freshman show "This Is Us" has snagged an Emmy nomination, along with "Stranger Things" and "The Crown." There are some veteran shows on the list too.

"Better Call Saul," "House of Cards," and "Westworld" join the list of contenders for the big title.

"The Crown" may be one of the most surprising nominations for the 2017 awards. The Netflix original about Queen Elizabeth II hasn't been the most talked about, although it is successful on the streaming service. Many fans expected to see "13 Reasons Why" on the list instead, due to its viral affect across the world.

Most of the actress and actor nominations went to those within the same shows. The Emmy Awards 2017 will take place on September 17, 2017.

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