While there are many women who suffer miscarriages and do have successful pregnancies afterwards, the topic is usually avoided. It's not common to hear about the fear women have going through a pregnancy after a miscarriage. This is something "The Big Bang Theory" actress Melissa Rauch has touched upon in her beautiful pregnancy announcement. The announcement was originally shared in Glamour magazine.

Melissa Rauch is scared

Unsurprisingly, Rauch is scared that she will suffer another miscarriage. The 37-year-old actress' pregnancy announcement began with a touching opening from the magazine.

In it, the writer shared how Rauch didn't really want to announce the pregnancy but she knew that it had to come from her. It would be better that she shared the news than fans see her baby bump or someone else share the news instead.

Rauch wouldn't be the first pregnancy celebrity to choose not to announce it if she didn't want to. Mila Kunis and Scarlette Johannson both avoided sharing their pregnancy details. Fans were left speculating and guessing.

'TBBT' star wants to help others

Since miscarriage is still barely talked about, Rauch felt the need to pen the beautiful pregnancy announcement. She shared how scared she is about this upcoming pregnancy and how she fears that it will end with another miscarriage.

The actress also shared that she is discussing the pregnancy because she hopes that it will help others out there who are feeling the same fears.

The actress went on to say that the miscarriage made her extremely sad. However, she hopes that it has made her a stronger person. She also hopes that it will make her a better mother when she does see her baby for the first time.

It couldn't have been easy for the star while filming "The Big Bang Theory" season 10. The actress' character was pregnant with her first child with husband Howard. They had their serious and funny moments, leading to the birth of their daughter Hallie. The baby hasn't been seen, but her cries are extremely similar to the shouting that Howard's mother used to do off-screen.

Fans will now wonder how the pregnancy will be handled in "The Big Bang Theory." While the character could have another baby, it is possible that the pregnancy will be hidden. It wouldn't be the first time for a TV show to hide a pregnancy, despite it possible for the character to fall pregnant. "How I Met Your Mother" did this with both Alyson Hannigan's pregnancies.

All that is left to say is congratulations to Melissa Rauch on the pregnancy. "The Big Bang Theory" season 11 premieres in fall 2017.