Hulu's highly anticipated "The Handmaid's Tale" is here. It's currently on its eighth episode, but within the first three episodes, there were some major changes. Yes, this is another book adaptation, but one of the most timely and politically needed adaptations ever. Here's a look at the three biggest changes from book to TV series that you need to know about.

Ofglen's 'gender treachery' and mutilation

"The Handmaid's Tale" novel never really explores any of the characters except Offred. It's all from Offred's point of view, so readers only get to hear stories and speculation.

However, the Hulu series has been able to adapt storylines and delve deeper into relationships. Ofglen, played by Alexis Bledel, is just one character who has gained more depth. In episode three the show made a controversial decision by including female genital mutilation in the storyline.

As Ofglen was found guilty of "gender treachery" (in other words, she was a lesbian), she should have been sentenced to death. However, her "working ovaries" meant that she was far too useful to society, so they decided to "help" her through mutilation. It was a heartbreaking final moment for Bledel's character, as she realized the truth of her "rehabilitation."

Real names are shared

In the book, fans were left guessing about the real names.

In the current Gilead society, women are given new names. The handmaids receive the name "of" followed by the name of the commander. The main character is Offred, while her friends are Ofglen, Ofwarren, etc.

The real names are never shared in the book. There are a few hints at Offred's real name, but it's never explicitly shared as the former name is forbidden.

However, the TV show has given names to some of the characters, including main character June and Ofglen's Emily.

Janine's character and punishment

The book did mention a lot of corporal punishment, but never actually administered it to Ofwarren, also known as Janine. The character was Aunt Lydia's favorite in the book, since she was easy to manipulate.

In the Hulu series, Janine is rebellious and doesn't follow the rules at first. She is quickly punished through the removal of her right eye, which is later seen to have happened to another character.

While the majority of "The Handmaid's Tale" has stuck to the book storyline, there have been some major changes. Season 2 is expected to stray even further, as more characters are developed.