This season on "Big Brother," we already lost two players before the first Live elimination. Cameron was voted out on the first night during a surprise eviction. Then, Megan cracked under the pressure after getting into a fight with Jessica and losing Alex's trust when she claimed Jessica made a racist comment. Megan surprised everyone when she opted out of the game and forced Cody, HOH, to replace her on the block.

Cody alienates the alliance

Cody had a talk with Alex, whose game he said he respected, and tried to get her on his side. When Cody's allies wanted her out, he reluctantly put her on the block.

But she won POV and saved herself, predictably. Cody's team, which he says is primarily Mark and Matt, and the "second core" being Christmas, Dominique, Raven, Jessica, and Elena (the "babes"), didn't know what to do but he secretly planned to put up Paul.

What he didn't know was that Paul was chosen to be tempted in this season's twist, the Den of Temptation, and accepted the pendant of protection. He is safe for the next 3 weeks and cannot be put on the block. Everyone was blindsided by this, including Cody. This led him to a controversial decision in putting his teammate, Christmas, up on the block.

All the while, Jillian has been on the block since Day 1, literally.

With all of Cody's solo blindsiding, no one feels they can trust him anymore.

This leaves us at Day 16 in the "Big Brother" house, the first live eviction.

Clearly, Paul and Christmas were left furious, but so were the rest of Cody's alliance. Elena pointed out that this move just ruined practically everyone's game.

And even though Jessica said that everyone loves Christmas, including her, the rest of the episode certainly contradicted that point.

Jessica very quickly turned against Christmas when she realized that Christmas would spend the rest of the game going after Cody. Since Jessica and Cody are in one of the households three showmances, Christmas could be coming after her too.

Meanwhile, Paul plans to "play the victim." Everyone tries to convince him that nobody knew Cody's plan, but Paul is already out for blood.

There's trouble in paradise when Jessica feels she needs to clean up Cody's mess, and she makes a good point when she claims there are "cracks in the foundation" of the alliance.

Mark wants to know whether the group minus Christmas and Cody will stay together regardless of what happens. Half the house wants to get rid of Christmas because she’s a threat and will go after Cody and their alliance, and the other half doesn’t believe they have a reason to. No one talks about Jillian.

Christmas: The gift that keeps on giving

Christmas and Jason have danced every morning, and after being put up on the block, Christmas just wants something to be happy about, but she hurts her foot. She leaves the house temporarily, but comes back with a cast, having torn some ligaments.

Mark has a heartfelt talk with Christmas that changes his mind about keeping her in the game. He had wanted to side with Cody but his emotions and friendship with Christmas put him between a rock and a hard place.

At the eviction, Christmas calls out Cody and Jessica in her speech, and Jillian talks about how much she loves it in the Big Brother house.

In the end, Jillian gets voted out 8 to 4. When it is revealed, Jillian is shocked, and Cody is frustrated. As soon as Jillian walks out, Jessica and Christmas get into a heated argument. It is clear that relationship is out the window.

In her exit interview with Julie, Jillian admits she was “flabbergasted” and had close to nothing to say.

HOH Competition

The head of household competition was a giant Candy Crush game, shamelessly promoting the new CBS show, called “Sugar Shot.”

Spoiler Alert: Head of Household this week is Paul. Who will he put up on the block? The drama is only just beginning on "BB19."