Superstar singer and multi-time Grammy winner Adele had to make the painful announcement yesterday that she had to cancel the last two shows of her 16-month long worldwide concert tour because of vocal cord damage. This announcement was even more devastating to announce for the singer, as she was set to perform the sold-out shows in her hometown of London at Wembley Stadium. This came only days after she shared a handwritten note suggesting that this made be her last tour.

Adele's final shows canceled

Over the last 16 months, Adele's whirlwind worldwide concert tour has seen her perform 119 shows in 18 countries covering 3 continents.

In a long message that she posted on Twitter (see below), the singer explained that the last two shows she had struggled vocally and she said, "I had to push a lot harder than I normally do." She then went to visit her doctor, who examined her and gave the devastating news that she had suffered vocal cord damage.

She decided to follow the medical advice of her doctor and canceled the last two shows at Wembley Stadium, which would have taken place this weekend. Adele was clearly disappointed and heartbroken in her letter saying, "To not be able to finish it, is something I'm really struggling to come to terms with." The singer has promised that all those who purchased tickets to the show would receive full refunds in the event that she isn't able to reschedule the shows at a later date.

Is Adele done touring?

It was only two days before the news that Adele would have to cancel her last two shows because of vocal cord damage that the singer left her fans with a different heartfelt letter. She reportedly left a handwritten note to fans in the tour programs that her final series of concerts at Wembley Stadium. In the note, she seemed to suggest to fans that she might be done with touring following her massive worldwide concert tour wraps up.

In the letter, she said that "Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn't suit me particularly well......Plus I'm dramatic and have a terrible history of touring." She continued by saying that her terrible touring history has been changed by this worldwide tour and saying that, "I only ever did this tour for you (the fans)." She concluded by saying that "I don't know if I'll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home." Clearly, this letter and what she stated in it made the decision to cancel the final two shows that much more difficult for Adele.

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