"Big Brother 19" is underway and Cody is the first HOH of the season and the most unlucky in "Big Brother" history. Part of the job of the HOH is to name nominees for eviction. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, in Cody's case it became a very tough task.

Cody names the first two for eviction

Originally Cody nominated Jillian and Megan for eviction. Thinking they were set for the week, he began chilling in the HOH room with new showmance partner, Jessica. The drama starts, and there is a catfight between Jessica, Alex, and Megan. A big ol' Megan-says-that-Jessica-says thing was happening.

Alex was left to wonder if she had been the victim of a racist comment because Jessica supposedly called her a panda to Megan.

After much hoopla and drama, Megan self-evicted from the "Big Brother" house, also vacating a nomination seat.

Now a replacement for Megan

Cody had to name a replacement nominee. He put Alex in the seat next to Jillian and things were back on track. The big plan was if one of the girls came down, he would try to backdoor Paul. Then America stepped in. Paul was given the Pendant of Protection which guarantees his safety for three weeks, but of course, Cody had no idea.

Next, a replacement for Alex but oops - not so fast on Paul, buddy!

On Saturday the "Big Brother" houseguests played the Power of Veto competition. Alex was great under pressure and grabbed the win, ensuring her safety. When the Veto Ceremony was held today, no surprise that Alex saved herself.

Cody, as HOH, had to name a replacement nominee. He turned to Paul to send him to the block but alas, the Pendant of Protection came out, and Paul proudly put it around his neck explaining that he had three weeks of safety. Cody still had to fulfill his duties and send someone to the block with Jillian. He picked Christmas.

At the end of the Veto Ceremony, Cody became the first HOH in "Big Brother" history to have to create so many enemies just to have two people sitting on the block.

He has shown his true colors to Paul now and will be unable to compete for Head of Household next week. Cody has named five names as nominees this week just to end up with two on the block for the Live Eviction on Thursday.

Cody wasn't great in the social game arena anyway. His cold and direct manner was off-putting to several of the "Big Brother" houseguests.

Now his game has been exposed. He has lost the trust of Paul and Christmas, and he has shown his main squeeze that her opinion isn't important in his decisions. The target on Cody just got huge.

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