Rumors have been spreading that Ami Brown, the "Alaskan Bush People" matriarch, has cancer. The speculations were fueled by the immediate return of the show this June for Season 7 when the latest season only ended in February.

Late stage cancer?

A Facebook page, "Alaskan Bush people Exposed," claimed that many reliable sources said that Ami has a late stage lung cancer and that her time is already limited. Her condition reportedly has not improved even with the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. No confirmation or official announcement has been issued from the Brown Family or the Discovery Channel.

The only confirmation that Ami is indeed sick is the new clip for "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7, in which Billy Brown said that his wife is sick. He also said that they might have to leave Alaska as things have changed. The show also teased that the Brown family is about to face their darkest hour in this new season.

Matt Brown injured

Meanwhile, Matt Brown has been involved in an accident at Browntown when his fridge blew up. According to TMZ, the ABP star put inside the fridge a mason jar filled with gunpowder and cannon fuse, which then exploded. Matt reportedly ended up with nine staples in the head, along with other injuries. He was previously said to be in critical condition.

The Bush show reportedly was not filming when the incident happened, but with his injuries, Matt was expected to be missing in the latter part of the season.

A recent update says the crew is done filming in Browntown and is already packing up, which looks like Matt won't be missing a lot of episodes.

Farewell season to Browntown?

Amid all the rumors, particularly involving Ami's sickness, there are speculations that the docu-series was filming a farewell season to Browntown. Ami, Billy, and Gabe were said to be absent in the production of the upcoming season, which might have something to do with Ami being in Los Angeles receiving treatment for her condition.

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"Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on June 14 at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. The announcement came as a surprise when the network included the show in its summer slate of programs.

ABP follows the Brown family, which claims to have been living in the wilderness of Alaska for the past three decades. The family consists of Ami and Billy, and their seven grown children, Gabe, Noah, Bam Bam, Matt, Rain, Bear, and Snowbird.