Molly Roloff of "Little People, Big World" just had her big Bachelorette party and the details are coming out. The party happened at a winery in Oregon and from the social network posts, it looks like it was a great time for all of them. Molly will be getting married to Joel in less than a month. Rumors are that her wedding will happen on August 5. Fans are very hopeful that the TLC cameras will be rolling for the big day and you can assume that they will be. Maybe they even got the bridal shower on film and you will get to see it in a future episode.

What did they do at the big party?

They went to a winery so of course, there was some drinking involved. They were also out on the dance floor having a good time. Tori Roloff posted that Amy was even out there dancing away with them. Molly was also showing off her moves. They took a limo to the party and it looks like the drinks were flowing there as well. Tori even said that she thinks that wine tasting could be her new favorite hobby. There was no reason to think the girls had anything but a fun time at the Bachelorette party.

This was also a big bridal shower. Pictures showed Molly Roloff opening up gifts from her family and friends. Tori also brought along her son Jackson. This was a girls only part, but Jackson doesn't count and was able to get a chance to enjoy the party with everyone.

You know that the entire family was excited to get to see this little boy and spend some time with him.

Audrey Roloff was in the pictures as well. There was some speculation that she wasn't at the big event because she is pregnant and they were drinking, but it looks like Audrey came along for the fun. Jacob Roloff's girlfriend, Isabel Rock was at the big party along with Tori and Audrey.

Jacob and Isabel aren't on the show, but they do still share their lives on social networks.

How is the family feeling?

Molly Roloff seems really excited for her big day. Amy is actually a bit emotional over it all. She shared on her Instagram saying, "This girl! Molly Jo is one awesome beautiful woman. What a wonderful weekend sharing with her - bridal shower and all.

Making final wedding plans today bf she takes off for Spokane today. Can't believe my girl is going to be married in about 20 days. I'm so so happy for her ." Amy has made it obvious she is really proud of all of her children.

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