"90 Day Fiance'" star Anfisa is known for her brutally honest statements to her now-husband, Jorge, of her desire for money. She has consistently said that she is with him for the money. Jorge was either so infatuated or in denial that it didn't stop him from marrying her before her K-1Fiance Visa expired. Now fans are seeing just how miserable the two make each other on "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After."

She told him what she was after

Like her or hate her, Anfisa was honest. She never misled Jorge and told him she was in it for love. From her first appearance on the show, she made it clear that she is beautiful and deserves a rich guy that can buy her anything she wants, whenever she wants.

She has said several times that fat, ugly girls have poor men.

Jorge, on the other hand, has put up with her immature outbursts, being alienated from his family, being kicked out of his apartment, and sleeping in his car. Is he a fool for love or just a glutton for punishment? He seems to really care for Anfisa and knows the truth but refuses to accept it.

What procedures have been done already?

Along with the material things that mean so much to Anfisa, she had Jorge help her get pictures to start a modeling career. True to form, she chose an outfit of lingerie for the photo shoot. With Jorge having already paid for a boob job and a nose job, she was thrilled with her body and took the opportunity to show it off.

Her latest cosmetic procedure has been lip injections. Going for the pouty look, she had her lips enhanced. According to Starcasm, her next procedure will be a chin job. All of this work at the age of 21 makes one ask: If she thinks she is so beautiful already, why do all of this so young?

Over and over fans of "90 Day Fiance'" have heard Anfisa say she hated being married to Jorge.

She threatened to leave him once she got her green card, showing her intent was only to gain citizenship and money from her marriage to Jorge. Still, Jorge kept her around and put up with the abuse she threw his way, both physical and emotional.

There are rumors that the marriage has finally ended and Jorge is free of Anfisa.

Before her death, Stevie Ryan shared that the two separated. Anfisa is making money as a stripper. Jorge's investment in her body is providing her with income, just as she had hoped it would when she came to America. There is also speculation that he is still giving her money on a regular basis so she can live the life she feels she deserves.