Demi Lovato officially released the music video for her newest tune "Sorry Not Sorry" on July 19, 2017. What made the news is how star-studded it was featuring her famous friends Paris Hilton, Jamie Fox, and Wiz Khalifa. This song is the first track to be released from her upcoming sixth album.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" music video starts with a statement saying that 24-year old Demi Lovato threw a wild-house party on the 29th of June and her production team made a music video out of it. The video was not only glamming with famous celebrities but was also filled with making out scenes.

'Sorry Not Sorry' star-studded music video

Demi mentioned on twitter that this was the funniest music video she has ever made. Aside from the fact they were really having fun, the Disney star was so happy because she was hanging out with her famous friends.

To name a few, Paris Hilton, Wiz Khalifa and Jamie Fox is at her party. Demi says she remembers some funny things about Paris Hilton when her hair was stuck in Demis portable fan.

The video starts with Demi hanging out in the poolside with her friends then soon some of her friends are jumping into the pool just like any other party. Then they go dancing under neon lights with a lot of things happening at the same time. The festivities then move indoors and Lovato dances in a foam-filled hot tub.

Then, the video ends with Demi on the megaphone shouts that the police is in the place to shut them down but who gives a f**k. However, she retracts her statement saying that she's just kidding and that she respects the police.

Demi Lovato's first tune in her sixth album

After the official announcement of the release of her sixth album, Demi said that this would be more of soulful songs and that she wants to go more R&B with it.

The singer also adds she is still in the process of writing her songs for this album and that she is still finding more inspirations.

In an interview, Demi said that she never thought she'll be in the place where she is now. She also added that it is the beauty of taking care of herself, she was able to go to places she never thought she'd be.

Demi Lovato received her first Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album for her fifth album "Confident" which featured the certified double platinum hit song “Cool For the Summer.” This year 2017 might as well be as amazing for the young pop star as she recently launched a capsule collection and a YouTube documentary entitled "I Am: Demi Lovato" this coming fall.