Demi Lovato just teased the online fans her upcoming single, "Sorry not Sorry," through her recent post on the social media. On Thursday, the 24-year old singer took to Twitter and was happy to announce the release of her new song on July 11. On Twitter, Lovato wrote, "My Lovatics!! Are You Ready??"

Apparently, the singer couldn't wait for the day where she can make her fans hear of her new track. She also revealed the song title and it has left her fans dying to hear the new song on the Release Date. Meanwhile, the singer also teased the song on her Instagram page and she even shared a video as a sneak peek of her new music as per a report from Entertainment Tonight.

Upcoming album

To recall, the 24-year old singer was caught by the press when she talked about her upcoming Album. She hasn't given any hints before. Hence, everyone was left in awe when she had finally given the release date of her upcoming single. In one of her interviews, Lovato revealed that she wanted to go a different way with her upcoming release.

She added that she wanted her song to sound more soulful to her fans' ears than what she usually had before. Back then, she also revealed that she was still in the process of writing the lyrics. She further shared that she was also looking for inspirations behind the song that she has been writing about. Hence, the day of release is finally coming and fans just couldn't wait to hear her new single.

Promising music

Lovato is one of the most promising singers of her generations. She was known for giving her fans with new tunes and promising music. The 24-year old singer was also known for trying new genres which she thinks will give her sound a new taste.

Meanwhile, Lovato was also known for her famous line that says, "Never be ashamed of what you feel." Hence, it is no secret why she has always made her music on the top of the list. As per a report from Latina, the young singer has always given the right emotions and passion to all her singles.

She would always love to do anything that makes her happy.

Basically, her life's motto has been one of her secrets in attaining the best sound of her music. The Mexican singer has also once proven herself of being versatile. She once launched her "Demi Lovato Fabletics Collection" last May. It was a simple manifestation that aside from singing, Lovato is capable of doing other things than her craft.

Meanwhile, as her new single will be released on July 11, she was also happy to announce that her music will also be made available on the Amazon Music.