Former Jonas Brothers guitarist and singer Joe Jonas finally asks “Game of Thrones” cast Sophie Turner to marry him. Sophie Turner then posted a picture on Instagram showing her hand above the hand of Jonas and with a pretty engagement ring on it. Joe Jonas of DNCE, on the other hand, posts the same picture with the caption “she said yes”. Fans of the couple were happily shocked by the news and couldn’t wait for the date of their wedding day.

Both of their Instagram posts completed the news about their engagement. Fans of the couple are screaming for excitement even though their relationship is apparently shorter than an average couple who would opt to get married.

Sophie Turner is only 21 years old and will be turning 22 in February next year. However, Joe Jonas just turned 28 last August making the couple almost seven years apart.

Relationship of Turner and Jonas

The couple was initially spotted together at a wedding in November last year in Malibu. They were seen standing side by side in a picture taken in a photo booth. Since then, the young couple made it to the list of 2016’s hottest couple. They have always been spotted by paparazzi’s while they were walking together during their dates and Nick Jonas have been very supportive to his older brother and former bandmate.

Two months later, the couple became officially dating and were reported to be in a serious relationship.

It was also evident in Turner’s Instagram post where Joe Jonas is seen smoking a cigar on a boat in Miami. They were then seen in many events together like in Met Gala where they were seen getting cozy. Just last September, the couple adopted a new member of their cute team, a husky puppy which was equally adorable with the couple.

Other GOT cast who got engaged

Just recently, another GOT cast has been engaged to another GOT star. And it is no one else but Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie who played Ygritte in the series. While Harrington and Leslie worked on the same project, Turner and Jonas were just dating independently and continued to defy their hectic schedules just to be with each other.

Because of the engagement announcement, fans couldn’t wait to hear more about the details of the wedding. While “Game of Thrones” season 8 is currently in the making, avid supporters of Sophie Turner a.k.a. Sansa Stark is overwhelmed by the fact that the previously cute little girl in the series is now getting married.