Nissan upgrades its latest automobile Nissan Leaf 2018 Electric car with advanced driving technology. The new Leaf model highlights its long-lasting battery and self-parking capacity and promises to deliver the best performance with zero emissions.

Increasing sales of Nissan Leaf 2018

Nissan expects to double their company’s sales this year. According to executive vice president of global sales and marketing Daniele Schillaci, the company will realize this goal with the launch of the refurbished Leaf electric vehicle.

According to the Daily Herald, the latest vehicle release is the first Leaf upgrade since the model was first introduced seven years ago.

According to the statistics of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the Japan-based automaker sold 49,000 Leaf units in 2016. That is only about 2,000 units less than the sales of Tesla's Model S car.

The first generation Leaf cars sold about 300,000 units, and its sales remain steady as the model approaches the end of its cycle. The new Nissan Leaf model is scheduled to be launched in the Japanese market early in October. The new model will also be launched in the European and US markets in January. The model’s launch timeline is strategically favorable since it provides plenty of room to build momentum before Tesla’s mass market Model 3 comes out.

Similar to its predecessor, the new model comes with a $30,000 price tag.

Its cost is significantly lower than its competitors. The Chevrolet Bolt will cost $37,000 while the Tesla Model 3 has a $35,000 price tag.

New and exciting features of the new Nissan Leaf

Gears of Biz reports about the features of the latest Nissan Leaf. The new model boasts of a higher range which could reach up to 400km. This is a significant raise as compared to the 250km range of the previous model.

The latest Leaf model will run with a 40kHh lithium-ion battery.

The motor of the new electronic vehicle highlights a 110KW output which translates to a 38% increase in power output. According to Nissan, users will also experience an improvement in the new model’s acceleration time which increased to 320Nm from the previous model’s 8sec 0-100km/h sprint time.

The new model comes in a sleek aerodynamic design patterned from the 2015 Concept IDS. The car’s charging point has been relocated to increase operational efficiency.

Safety remains as the key pillar of the Leaf development. The model will be equipped with numerous safety features under the Nissan Safety Shield Technology. Said features include lane departure warning, intelligent lane intervention capabilities, blind-spot monitoring, autonomous emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, traffic sign recognition and a camera with a 360-degree coverage.