"Days Of Our Lives" fans, get ready for a very busy week beginning June 26th. There will be no shortage of action as your favorite Salemites face more than their fair share of chaos and drama. The following will contain "Days of Our Lives" spoilers. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Nicole begins her court-ordered community service at the Horton Center. She and Eric work well together, just like old times back at the church. "Days of Our Lives" welcomes Daniel back again, as he makes an appearance to Nicole while she is coming to terms with Holly being in foster care.

Anjelica comes to town

Anjelica Deveraux finds her way to Salem to continue her quest for vengeance against her long-time enemy, Adrienne; It does seem as though she has forgotten that Adrienne isn't just a sweet person, but has learned quite a few tricks during her years in the Kirakis family.

"The Spectator" gives Adrienne a sense of fulfillment and purpose that she needed after her cancer battle and a double mastectomy. She isn't going to let Anjelica Waltz in and demand the loan be paid off without a fight. Jennifer ends up playing referee and sending the ladies to their separate corners - for now.

A party ends when a mystery begins

Julie throws a party at the Martin house to celebrate the safe return of Sonny, Paul, Eli, Lani, JJ, Gabi and Chad as well as John and Marlena for finding them.

Deimos, on a mission of revenge, disguises himself as a waiter and manages to spike the drinks at the party with Halo. According to "She Knows," the strong hallucinogenic causes some strange things to happen.

Nicole and Eric share a kiss. So do Eli and Lani. Rafe proposes to Hope. It may be awhile before "Days of Our Lives" fans find out how serious he was because Hope ends up having a bad reaction to the drug and needs treatment.

Chad and Abigail share a hallucination where they are exchanging vow renewals and moving forward in their relationship.

Paul, for some reason, seems to be the only one not given the drug. Could it be part of Deimos' evil plan to get the amulet that Sonny has - you know, the one Chad buried on the island?

Fans of "Days of Our Lives" will see Gabi make a gruesome discovery.

She is the unlucky one to discover Deimos, dead from stab wounds. Once the investigation starts, Detective Raines makes it clear that everyone at the party is a suspect.

After he talks to Lani, however, his attention quickly focuses in on JJ. Marlena will need to hypnotize him to get to the bottom of things because he was high on Halo at the time of the murder.