Derek Hough is well-known for being a professional Dancer and six-time champion on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." As if one dance competition show wasn't enough, Derek is also on the NBC hit show "World of Dance" with Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Jenna Tatum. The NBC show is different because Derek doesn't dance himself. Instead, he is a judge like his youngest sister, Julianne Hough, is a judge on "Dancing with the Stars."


Most people know Derek, 32, and Julianne, 28, are brother and sister because they dance together quite often. For the last two years, they have gone on tours performing in major cities around the world.

Derek and Julianne have other siblings even though the public doesn't hear about them that often. Derek recently spoke publicly about what it was like growing up in Utah as the only boy in the family. Derek and Julianne's three older sisters are Sharee, Marabeth, and Katherine.

Derek told Us Weekly that he had to wear his sisters' hand-me-downs including their shoes and other pink clothing. He was very creative as a youngster as he is today. He admitted that he took a Sharpie and colored the pink shoes to black so people wouldn't know his secret. Today, because of Derek's net worth, he doesn't have to wear his sisters' hand-me-downs.

Family ties

The Houghs are in a very close Mormon family who live in Sandy, Utah, which is a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Even though the public is used to seeing Derek and Julianne dance, the entire family consists of dancers. All four grandparents were dancers as well as parents, Marianne and Bruce Hough.

Derek's parents divorced when he was 12 years old. They sent him to live and study in London with dance coaches Corky and Shirley Ballas, parents of friend and fellow dancer Mark Ballas.

Julianne was sent to join her brother in London several months later. The plan was for the kids to stay only one year. Derek stayed for ten years, and Julianne returned home after five years.

Dancing success

Derek and Julianne owe their dancing success to Mark's parents. They saw to it that the Hough children not only learned all types of dance, but they received training in other areas as well.

They were trained in music, theater, and gymnastics. Today, Derek plays the piano, guitar, and drums. He has had major roles in popular Broadway plays. Julianne has recorded songs and has had parts in movies.

With all those things as part of his resume, Derek Hough doesn't have to wear his sisters' or anybody else's hand-me-downs, unless he wants to.