"Days Of Our Lives" fans are ready for something good to happen in the aftermath of the party at the Martin house. With the feelings that some of the Salemites expressed for each other with Halo still fresh on their minds, they are all trying to go back to how things were before. Will they be able to?

Chad is still thinking about Abigail but has Gabi on his arm. Jennifer is worried about Abigail's decision to marry Dario and asks Chad for his help. She thinks if he talks to Abigail, she may change her mind."Days of Our Lives" fans won't see this happen, though.

Chad doesn't feel like he has a right to say anything to his ex-wife about her wedding plans. As fate would have it, Abigail and Dario need witnesses for their wedding, and luckily, Chad and Gabi are available for the job. After the wedding, Chad makes it clear to Dario that he is Thomas' father and won't allow Dario to interfere with his relationship with his son.

Rafe proposes again, but gets a different answer

Rafe proposes to Hope again and she says yes! Previous "Days of Our Lives" spoilers told us that there would be bachelor and bachelorette parties in September. Rope is tying the knot, it would seem. Lucas confronts Kate about her marriage to Andre. He is not happy with his mother's decision to become a Dimera once again, but, is there anything he can do about it?

Tripp's sneaky move to change the dosage of Hope's medication, then stage a discovery, has the hospital thinking that Kayla really did make a critical mistake. He is still hell-bent on revenge, as Joey decides to share his secret regarding Ava with Tripp.

JJ is wrongfully charged in the death of Deimos

JJ is formally charged with the murder of Deimos.

When he has a chance to talk to Jennifer, he confides that he just may have done it. Lani wants to help him and has Marlena hypnotize her with the hope of finding a hidden memory that may help him. As the investigation continues, the Salem PD realize that "Days of Our Lives" villain Deimos had a long list of enemies. A lot of hidden secrets start to come to light.

Paul and Sonny agree to stay quiet and decide not to reveal what they know, however.

Nicole and Eric are both having a lot of flashbacks of the kiss they shared. Could that be why Nicole gets so frustrated with him? Or could it be that he caused her to get caught in a lie? In the meantime, Roman offers Eric some advice. Eli keeps thinking back to the kiss with Lani. He is realizing that he may have feelings for her.