"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Chad and Gabi's relationship may be nearing its end...again. The couple got together while they believed that his wife Abigail was dead, and when Abby returned to Salem alive and well, Gabi stepped back. However, after Abigail decided that Chad's love for Gabi was something she couldn't get over the couple quickly divorced, which left Chad and Gabi open to give their romance another try. Now, things are seemingly going south yet again for the pair.

Is this the end of Gabi and Chad's relationship?

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Chad and Gabi will have a huge blowout fight in an upcoming episode after Gabi busts Chad for lying to her about Abigail.

Chad is obviously still very much in love with Abigail, and Gabi will sense that something just isn't right in her relationship. She'll feel like there is a distance growing between her and Chad, and she's right. "Days of Our Lives" fans will see the rift as it's happening, and when Gabi finds out that Chad hasn't been truthful, she will become furious. The couple will have a huge argument, and it could lead to a break up for them.

Dario drops a bombshell on Abigail

Meanwhile, as "DOOL" fans know, Abigail couldn't go back to Chad right now even if she wanted to. Abby is currently married to Dario Hernandez in order to keep immigration from deporting him back to Mexico, but things are getting worse in their fake marriage.

Abigail will find out that Dario has been up to some very illegal and dangerous activities, and when she will call him out on it, he'll drop a bombshell on her.

Who killed Deimos?

"Days of Our Lives" fans will see Dario give Abigail proof that Chad is the person who killed Deimos Kiriakis. Dario will tell his new wife that if she goes to the police about his illegal business practices that he'll give them a photo of Chad seemingly committing the crime.

Abigail will obviously want to protect Chad from going to jail, and she'll be torn about what she should do. It's a terrible situation for her to be blackmailed by Dario, whom she thought was her friend after she married him to keep him in the country.

'Chabby' reunion in the works?

The entire situation will get out of control, and "Days of Our Lives" viewers will see it come to a head over the upcoming episodes. However, "DOOL" fans are hoping that all the drama will lead to a "Chabby" reunion as Chad and Abigail are reportedly set to be getting back together in the very near future.