"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the current week reveal that Abigail Deveraux will be completely shocked by her new husband Dario Hernandez. The couple, who recently got married to keep immigration from deporting Dario back to Mexico, are already on shaky terms. However, after this week nothing will ever be the same again.

Salem's not-so-perfect couple

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Abigail has enlisted the help of her former brother-in-law, Andre DiMera. She knows that Dario is up to something illegal and possibly dangerous, but she has no idea what he's really doing.

This week, with the help of Andre and even Theo Carver, who got dragged into the situation, Abby will finally find out what her new hubby as been doing. Of course, Abigail will confront Dario about his illegal activities and it won't go well.

The murder mystery continues

"DOOL" fans will watch as Dario threatens Abigail to keep her mouth shut, and he'll use her love for Chad to ensure that she does so. Dario will show Abby a photograph of Chad hovering over Deimos Kirakis' dead body, and reveal that Chad is the real killer. Dario will tell Abigail that if she goes to the police about his illegal operations, that he'll hand over the evidence against her ex-husband/baby daddy and he'll end up behind bars right along with him.

Since Abigail is still in love with Chad, she'll likely do anything to protect him. This means that she'll stay in her loveless marriage and keep quiet about Dario's extracurricular activities.

Paul refuses to quit fighting

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" fans will also watch as Paul Narita and his father, John Black, team up to do a little investigative work.

The father-son duo will be looking for anything that will help clear Sonny Kiriakis' name, since he has been charged with the murder of his uncle, Deimos Kiriakis. Paul and Sonny's relationship has really blossomed over the past few months, and the couple were just getting to a good place when they hit a run of bad luck, such as being involved in a plane crash, being stranded on a desert island, dealing with Paul getting a island sickness, and now Sonny's incarceration.

Paul isn't planning to let Sonny go down without a fight, and he'll do everything he can to ensure he is released from jail.

The love triangle returns

"Days of our Lives" spoilers also reveal that the Lucas/Adrienne/Justin love triangle will be back in full force. This week when Lucas sees Justin hugging Adrienne he'll freak out and become insanely jealous. While Justin and Adrienne are going through a tough time now that their son, Sonny, has been charged with murder, Lucas won't stand by as they grow closer in their time of tragedy. If anything, he'll want to be the one comforting Adrienne during this rough patch.