Hey, "Suits" fans. We're about to see an insubordinate associate give Rachel all kinds of hell in this new Episode 4 of Season 7. Also, new dynamics within in the firm spark up a very heated argument. Meanwhile, some surprising new business gets thrown in Mike's direction. These spoiler teasers are brought to you by USA Network's press release via TV Guide.


They of course also revealed a title for this instalment. It's labelled "Mudmare." That's definitely a unique title. Their official plot summary begins with the situation that will be taking place between Harvey and Louis.

At some point, some new dynamics will be introduced to the firm. However, they don't sound like they'll be a good thing for Harvey and Louis as they tell us that these dynamics will cause these two to start arguing.

What do these new dynamics entail? Will Mike and Harvey be able to get past all of this and get to a happy place? They didn't reveal any other details about this storyline so we'll definitely have to wait until the episode airs to find out. It does sound like it will deliver some very drama-filled scenes though.

More business

Next, they talked about what Mike will be up to in this one. It sounds like he'll be one happy camper as they say he's going to be having lots of success lately.

If that weren't enough, this new success of his will bring even more business that will come as a complete surprise to him. Where will this new shocking business come from? That's the big question for this plotline. It sounds like we could get some pretty interesting scenes from it.

Insubordinate associate

In this third teaser scoop, they revealed some issues that Rachel will be facing.

It turns out that there's going to be an insubordinate associate on board. This person will try to challenge Rachel's leadership position. So, that doesn't sound good at all. We're sure Rachel won't stand for that which should spark up quite a bit of drama for this storyline. They didn't indicate if this rebellious associate is a male or a female.

That might be a pretty important dynamic for this situation. One thing that is for sure is we should certainly get a lot of entertainment out these scenes.

Alright, that's all the information that we got from the USA Network press release regarding the episode. However, we should be seeing a new preview clip released for it, later on tonight, after episode 3 gets done airing. If it doesn't show up tonight, it'll definitely arrive tomorrow. The new clip will most likely reveal more details for this instalment. So, you'll definitely want to look for it. Also, it's confirmed by TV Guide that episode 4 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, July 26, 2017, at 8 pm central time on The USA Network. Stay tuned.