Mindy Kaling is going to be a mother. The “A Wrinkle in Time” star is pregnant with her first Child, People reports.The 38-year-old actress said in a statement to Yahoo Style that pregnancy was “a surprise” for her. “I’m not cavalier about who I would have a kid with, but I like to have lots of children,” Mindy told the news outlet.

The actress has previously been candid about eventual motherhood, mentioning in her book that she is worried about her future. It seems that the “The Mindy Project” creator and star does not want to have a husband, but she is willing to have two to three children in coming years.

Twitter reacts to the news

A lot of fans took to Mindy Kaling’s Twitter last night to share their thoughts. Some of them congratulated her while others wanted to know if Mindy had a boyfriend. Given that baby rumors are circulating the actress, fans want to know more about Mindy Kaling’s personal life. On Tuesday, July 18, E! News reported that fans were curious to know everything about Mindy’s boyfriend. Who is she dating? Who is the father of her first baby? E! News reached out to Mindy for comments about the pregnancy report but she refused to say anything in this regard.

Mindy Kaling loves kids

The renowned star wanted to have her own children for a long time.

In one of her recent interviews, Mindy revealed that she was not planning her marriage; however, she wanted to have two to three kids. According to the actress, the gender of her child does not matter. Her pregnancy is one of the things that may bring positive changes in her career.

Kaling is currently busy with the production of "The Mindy Project" season 4, which is scheduled to premiere on Hulu this winter.

Despite her busy schedule, Mindy Kaling sat down for an interview with the press and revealed that she wanted to have her first child as early as possible. To recall, Mindy was previously dating Benjamin Nugent. The two remained together from 2008 to 2012. However, things could not work as expected, so Mindy and Benjamin chose to separate their ways.

In 2013, Mindy was named one of Time magazine's most powerful ladies in the world. In 2014, Glamour magazine called her the “most beautiful woman of the year.” The actress revealed that she was fantasized about weddings, boyfriends, and children, but she did not want to marry because of her busy schedule. However, her wish to have a baby is about to be fulfilled. Our prayers are always with her!