"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week reveal that things are really getting crazy in Salem, especially when it comes to Abigail and Dario's situation. As many "DOOL" fans already know, Abigail married Dario in hopes of keeping her friend from being deported to Mexico, but things took a shocking turn when Abby found out that Dario has been engaged in some very illegal activities, such as counterfeiting money. When Abigail confronted Dario about the situation, he blackmailed her to keep quiet using a photo of Chad DiMera seemingly killing Deimos Kiriakis.

Abby, who doesn't want to see her ex-husband go to jail for murder, is now in a tough situation, and it's about to get even worse.

Abby scrambles to help Chad

According to Soap Hub, Abigail will try to delete all of the copies of the photograph from Dario's phone and computer using the help of Andre, Theo, and Kate. However, the plan will backfire when Dario tells Abby that he's got an additional copy of the incriminating photograph. "Days of our Lives" fans will then see Dario tell Abigail that he'll give the photograph to the police if she doesn't leave Salem with him and move to Mexico, the very place he claimed he was going to be deported to if Abby didn't marry him.

Dario forces Abigail to leave Salem for good

However, things won't work out like Dario planned either. "Days of our Lives" viewers will watch as Chad will come to Abigail's rescue. He'll discover that the marriage has been a sham and that Abigail is being blackmailed by Dario. When Chad comes to save the love of his life, things take a turn for the worse.

Dario will try to kill Chad by hitting him with his car. However, Abigail will see it coming and step in to save the father of her son. Dario will hit Abigail instead and her life will hang in the balance from the injuries she'll suffer.

Things go terribly wrong, someone gets hurt

Abigail's efforts to save Chad's life will likely set up the reunion all "Days of our Lives" fans have been waiting for.

Chad will probably confess his love to Abigail and the two will be able to get back together after the entire Dario mess is over. However, there will be one big loser in this scenario and that's Gabi. Poor Gabi will lose Chad yet again, and likely be heartbroken. Perhaps "DOOL" fans will get to see her finally be happy with JJ or Eli if the NBC soap chooses to give her a real relationship that will stick. Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" continues to get more and more dramatic under new head writer Ron Carlivati's lead. Watch the soap weekday afternoons on NBC.