"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week reveal that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) will find out the big secret that Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) has been keeping from her. As many "DOOL" fans know, Nicole and Eric have a very long history. The two met shortly after Nicole arrived in Salem for the first time and immediately hit it off. The pair quickly became an item and have been in and out of a relationship for the past two decades. They have a very strong bond, and it seems that their bond may be proven yet again when Nicole discovers Eric's been hiding something from her.

The letters are exposed

According to Soap Opera Spy, Nicole will finally find out exactly how Eric feels about her. "Days of our Lives' spoilers reveal that Nicole will find the love letters that Eric had previously written to Nicole, and when she reads them her entire attitude towards him could possibly change. As many "DOOL" fans will remember, Eric and Nicole were engaged until he found out that she had hidden some very important evidence from him that could have cleared his name and helped him to be reinstated as a priest at the church he once worked for.

However, because she wanted to marry him, she hid the evidence, which he later found out about. He broke up with her and his life began to spiral out of control.

Eric became an addict with a severe alcohol problem as Nicole moved on to enter a relationship with Dr. Daniel Jonas, played by Shawn Christian.

Can Nicole ever forgive the man who killed Daniel?

"Days of our Lives" viewers know the sad story that happened afterward. Nicole and Daniel got engaged, but they were unable to have their wedding due to a New Year's Eve car accident that claimed Daniel's life.

Later, it was revealed that a drunk Eric was behind the wheel and caused the crash which killed Daniel. Nicole has never been able to forgive him since. Now, Nicole has moved on yet again to Brady Black, who she also shares a long love history with. However, when she finds out that Eric still has burning feelings for her, she may go running back to her first love, who also happens to be Brady's half-brother.

Will Nicole cause a sibling war, or will this be one of the reasons she leaves Salem in the future?

What about Brady?

"Days of our Lives" fans are no strangers to love triangles. However, this is a particularly messy one as Eric and Nicole have such a connected past, and Eric is the man who killed Daniel. However, Nicole and Brady also have a very bonded life together, and Brady is walking around with Daniel's heart beating in his chest. How will Nicole ever choose between the two brothers?