"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that the coming week is going to be a big one in Salem. The new weekly preview has been released and it reveals that Dario has some very incriminating evidence against Chad DiMera. In fact, Dario will go as far as to blackmail Abigail with the evidence, putting Abby in a terrible situation with her manipulative new husband.

Things go from bad to worse for Abigail

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Dario has a photo on his phone of Chad seemingly murdering Deimos. In the picture, Chad is seen kneeling over Deimos' dead body with his hands all over the murder weapon, a knife which was plunged into Deimos' chest.

When Abigail tells Dario that she knows he's been counterfeiting money, he'll use the photo as blackmail to keep her quiet. It looks like Dario has officially lost any and all respect from Abigail, who used to consider him a good friend. Now she's stuck in a loveless marriage and being forced to protect the man she really loves, Chad.

Is Chad the real killer?

"Days of Our Lives" fans will see Dario threaten to expose Chad as the person who killed Deimos, and with such incriminating evidence, it looks like he could be put behind bars for a very long time. However, many "DOOL" fans still don't believe that Chad is the murderer. Perhaps the photo was staged by Dario somehow. However, if not, it looks like a murder trial may be the next obstacle for Chad and Abigail to have to get through on their way back to each other.

Goodbye Dario

As previously reported, actor Jordi Vilasuso who plays Dario Hernandez on "Days of Our Lives" is set to leave the soap next month. This means that whatever happens between Dario, Abigail, and Chad, it will happen quickly and lead to Dario's exit from Salem. Could Dario get arrested and sent to prison for his illegal activity like his father, Eduardo, or will something much worse happen to Rafe and Gabi's brother?

Now that "DOOL's" new head writer, Ron Carlivati's scripts are beginning to air, the drama will likely be at an all time high as the Deimos murder mystery comes to an end, Dario and Nicole both leave town, and some familiar characters such as Will Horton and Sami Brady are set to return.

The drama unfolds daily on NBC

What do you think about Dario blackmailing Abigail on "Days of Our Lives?" Do you think Chad DiMera is really the person who killed Deimos Kiriakis? Watch "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out.