"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the end of the week reveal that both Abigail Deveraux and Nicole Walker will come face to face with some shocking revelations. The two are both dealing with very different situations, but each will have to make a big decision when they're confronted with some stunning information.

Nicole is going to have some vivid memories of the night she was drugged

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Nicole will find herself remembering some new memories from the evening that she and Eric Brady were drugged by Deimos Kiriakis at the Martin House party.

While most of the guests are struggling to remember what they were doing during the party, "DOOL" fans know that Eric and Nicole were together in a room. Now she'll finally get a few flashbacks that could help make sense of what happened that night. Nicole will shockingly recall finding a bag of cash during the party, and she'll have to tell her memories to Eric, who was with her at the time, to see if he can help make any sense of them.

Eric and Nicole will work together again

Nicole and Eric will eventually track down the bag of money, and they'll return to Eric's room at the Martin House to find the cash there. They'll try to figure out where it came from, and Eric will believe that Dario Hernandez must have hidden it there.

The two will then have to decide what they're next move should be.

Abigail is suspicious of her new husband, Dario

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" viewers will soon find that nearly everything thinks Dario is up to no good. Hope Brady has already warned Dario's new wife, Abigail, about his possible illegal business practices, and now Eric is on to him as well.

It seems like it's only a matter of time before everyone finds out the truth about what Dario has been up to. Meanwhile, Abby, whom "DOOL" fans know only married Dario to save him from being deported, will start to become suspicious of her new husband. Abigail is said to do a little detective work of her own and find out some very shocking things about her husband, which will likely lead Abby to end her fake marriage to Dario much sooner than she originally anticipated.

Big things are coming to Salem

"Days of our Lives" will be heating up over the upcoming weeks as the scripts from the soap's new head writer, Ron Carlivati, begin to air and set up some seriously dramatic new storylines for fans to watch in Salem. What are your thoughts on the latest "DOOL" spoilers?