A lot of people are eager to find out what “Frozen 2” will be all about though nothing much tied up to it was revealed at D23. The only credible update possibly tied to it is that the filmmakers have traveled to places like Norway and Iceland where they got some inspiration.

With the experience collected from those trips, it remains to be seen if those will factor in for “Frozen 2.” Some of the adventures were shared to the crowd at hand which included panoramas, glaciers and waterfalls. From there, fans can make their own speculations on things to come.

'Olaf' fills in for the meantime

There have been short films rendered since “Frozen” came out back in 2013. For 2017, it seems that there is another one scheduled and it will feature the lovable and wacky “Olaf.” The film will be titled “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.”

Voice actor Josh Gad made a live onstage performance to provide folks a glimpse of things to come for the short film. It appears that Olaf will be doing some door-to-door work, trying to learn the different Christmas traditions. The film will include new songs from Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson, fitting renditions to back up the plot.

With Anna and Elsa discovering that they don’t really have a holiday tradition, the task will be up to Olaf to help out the sisters complimented by catchy tunes highly likely to become hits as previous melodies.

Will this be tied up to the sequel?

With “Olaf’s Frozen Adventures” set to keep fans occupied, some may go as far as to associate this with the sequel. Though a bit remote, the adventures and lessons learned from the visits to Norway, Iceland and Finland could help build the hype for the sequel.

As far as the working title for the sequel, it will simply be called “Frozen 2” for now.

There were crazy suggestions made such as “Thawed,” “Frozen Solid,” “Frozen: Seize the Day,” and “Frozen Assets” but it seems that none of them are close to being considered.

With limited updates at the D23 Expo, most of the attention was on other films set to be released. Among the mentioned movies include “Marry Poppins Returns”, “Wreck-it Ralph 2”, “Toy Story 4” and “Incredibles 2.” “Frozen 2” is not due until 2019.

Hence, fans can simply console themselves with a short film for now and hope that producers come up with a sequel worth the wait. Rumors tied up to “Frozen 2” are expected to come out though most are advised to take them lightly to avoid disappointment.