"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Abigail Deveraux's life will hang in the balance this week. Dario will convince his fake wife Abigail to go into the witness protection program with him, and she'll feel forced to follow his lead to keep her ex-husband, Chad DiMera safe. Abby will tell Chad that she's leaving with Dario, and Chad will be suspicious about why Abigail would choose to leave their son, Thomas, behind. Chad will do some digging and seemingly find out that Dario lied to Abigail to get her to marry him, and is now forcing her to leave Salem by blackmailing her.

Abigail's life hangs in the balance

"Days of our Lives" viewers will see Chad track down Abigail and Dario and have it out with him for good. The two men with argue, but things will take a dark turn when Abigail pushes Chad out of the path of a speeding car. Abby will take the hit herself, and she'll end up in the hospital. Abigail will be fighting for her life, and she'll need surgery to save her. During this time, Chad will be by her side nonstop. Chad will be clear about his feelings for Abby, and when he professes his love for his ex-wife, his current girlfriend, Gabi, will hear it.

Will Gabi ever get to be happy?

Gabi will be heartbroken after hearing Chad tell Abigail how he feels. Gabi will know her relationship with Chad is over, and she'll have to end things and move on with her life yet again.

Chad and Gabi's relationship has been a roller coaster. They've been off and on for a year now, but things never seem to work out the way she wants them to. Perhaps now that "Days of our Lives" seems to be putting "Chabby" back together, the NBC soap will give Gabi a real relationship. Perhaps "DOOL" will bring Gabi and JJ back together, or give her relationship with Eli another shot.

Either way, the character of Gabi has been very unlucky in love and deserves a chance to be happy, at least for awhile.

New head writer Ron Carlivati promises big things in the future

The new "Days of our Lives" head writer, Ron Carlivati, has promised fans that he plans to bring Chad and Abigail back together. He's also revealed that he plans to focus on "DOOL" veterans for some big storylines.

This means characters like John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, Hope, Roman, Lucas, and Adrienne will likely be getting a lot more screen time in the future. Viewers can also expect the returns of Sami Brady and Will Horton this fall.