Earlier this week, Justin Bieber decided to cancel the remaining dates on his "Purpose" tour. The news has left many fans upset and has caused many speculations from the media about what caused Bieber to make his recent decision.

Bieber was asked by TMZ what his reasoning for canceling the tour was. Justin's response was that he wants to strengthen his relationship with Jesus Christ and to catch up on much-needed rest. This led to rumors that the pastor of his church, Carl Lentz, has been the one influencing Justin a lot lately.

On Wednesday evening, Bieber accidentally ran over a photographer after leaving church service in Beverly Hills, according to TMZ.

The incident was caught on camera as a bunch of photographers surrounded his monster pickup truck.

Justin reportedly stayed by the injured man's side until the ambulance and police arrived. The victim did not appear to have suffered any serious or life-threatening injuries from the Accident. Bieber was allowed to leave the scene after speaking with law enforcement regarding the matter.

Shortly after the accident, the victim went to social media to thank Bieber for sticking around to make sure he was fine until the proper help arrived.

Needing some rest and relaxation

Bieber has gone on to say that he needs some rest and relaxation since he has been touring for two straight years consistently.

After Wednesday's incident, Justin may have confirmed to the world that his reasoning for canceling the rest of his "Purpose" tour is in fact true.

Bieber is one of the most followed pop stars in the world and has the paparazzi in his rearview almost everywhere he goes. Not so long ago, the pop star seemed like he was losing control of his life as he was a constant social media topic for all of the wrong reasons.

However, after his classic Comedy Central roast of himself, he's seemed to lay low from the public and avoid ending up in the news for negative reasons. The formula has seemed to work out pretty well as Justin has staved away bad news for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, the accident that occurred Wednesday will have Bieber's name ringing in the news and over social media until he speaks out about the matter personally. Although it was unintentional, Bieber has too big of a following for this matter to just go away overnight.

Female tennis star Venus Williams was recently involved in a car accident that resulted in one person losing their life.

Williams is still facing heavy criticism for her involvement in the event.

Bieber could possibly avoid the backlash from the incident due to the victim not being seriously injured. Only time will tell.