"IT" is a 1986 horror novel written by the famous author Stephen King. The book is set to become a TV series and was adapted for television by Andrés Muschietti. The screenplay was written by Chase Palmer. The series focuses on a shape shifting clown who has arrived in Derry, Maine. Children begin to disappear as the clown continues his slaughter which began centuries ago. The children in the neighborhood must now band together if they hope to survive the legacy of Pennywise The Clown. "IT" is set to arrive at the small screen later this year. Casting includes the likes of Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, and Bill Skarsgard.

The trailer was released online yesterday

The newest trailer for "IT" was released online yesterday. The trailer is utterly terrifying and promises to make even the greatest horror fans shrink back in their seats. The trailer begins with a single red balloon floating in an underground sewer. It then switches to a group of young children watching a cinematic reel which begins to spin wildly out of control. The image projected suddenly changes to Pennywise the clown, and the characters start to panic. One screams for them to turn off the projector.

The trailer then switches to a narrated piece by one of the child actors themselves. It shows images of missing children posters plastered around the town in Maine.

The narrator explains how when children are by themselves and don't have huge groups of friends it is much easier for them to be picked off. A group of kids is then seen investigating the entrance to the sewer. The scene is full of comedy as the gang joke around with one another. They are completely unaware that they are at the home of Pennywise the clown.

The kids then find the missing shoe of one of the children who have disappeared. As they realize what their discovery means a red balloon is seen floating towards them in the sewer.

The TV series for fans of horror

There is no doubt that "IT" is the TV series made for fans of horror. The trailers released so far have been aimed to terrify the audiences.

The cast and creators of "IT" appeared at the San Diego Comic Con. According to SR, the trailer they screened there received a huge response from the audience. It is clear the "IT" is going to be a success and one has to wonder if there will be a second season of the series.

"IT" is due to be released this coming September. This first episode of the terrifying series is set to air on September the 7th.