"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that Joey Johnson (James Lastovic) is in the middle of several storylines. There is the jealous and manipulative Jade who knows his deepest, darkest secret. Their relationship ended shortly after she had a miscarriage but Joey really wanted to be a friend to her. Jade, however, is convinced that they belong together and had a hard time letting go. She is now living in the apartment of Steve's other son, Tripp.

Jade knows his secret

When Joey and Jade were a couple, he told her that he had killed Ava. She knows that Steve taking responsibility for the murder was to protect Joey.

Steve wants his two sons to get along and be close. If Tripp knew that his mother had died at the hands of Joey, Steve thinks he would have a harder time dealing with it.

When Ron Carlivati took the head writer job at "Days of Our Lives," fans knew there would be changes. Ron shared on social media about the many comings and goings that will be happening over the next few months. He is getting characters where he needs them to be as he gets Salem on the path he wants.

James Lastovic signed a two-year contract in 2015 when the teen group was aged on "Days of Our Lives." His mother, Lucienne Lastovic, tweeted that his contract was not renewed but removed the tweet. Of course, it was too late and word got out that James wrapped up his tapings in March.

His last air date will be next month with the lead time the long-running soap opera has between taping and airing. What we don't know at this time is how his exit will take place.

Jade is out at "Days of Our Lives" soon as well. That has been a long time coming and fans on social media aren't upset with her leaving. The manipulation and deceit that is always a part of her storyline is getting very redundant for viewers.

Jade has never been able to move on past her relationship with Joey and develop a storyline of her own.

Will Joey confess to Tripp?

As for the secret of Ava's death, this is something Joey has struggled with. He hates that his father has put a wedge between himself and Tripp by claiming responsibility for her death. Joey has a lot of guilt and wants to tell Tripp the truth.

There have been many times where it seemed he was just on the edge of a confession as his relationship grew with Tripp. The two have a genuine connection and the beginnings of a brotherly bond that will be destroyed if the truth does come out.

What do you think about Joey leaving "Days of Our Lives"? Are you surprised that he will be one of the characters leaving under the stewardship of Ron Carlivati?